Addictions to drug and alcohol don’t just damage the body – but also destroys the relationships”. Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t just impact the life of an individual but it destroys the lives of everyone around an individual. Friends become (or may look like) enemies, relationship with your near and dear ones gets miserable, and also people are not well treated within the society. Position/status is lost and the ability to handle your family, profession, friendship, and marriage fades away. 

Once you enrol at best rehabilitation centre in india and are on your way to leading a sober life once again, the first thing you must do is focus on your relationships. Your relationships may be one of the key reasons why you want to recover and lead a normal life. Parents, siblings, spouses, and kids are typically the ones who have seen you fall and are not more than eager to see you rise again. Remember that they love you still. You might have hurt them before you joined Drug rehabilitation center and some of that hurt might still be with them. Your old and true friends might have been in pain seeing you in pain and now be eager to welcome you back in their words, after you coming back from the drug rehabilitation centre in india. 

Building up relations again is not easy after addiction. Repairing your relationships with your close ones, while in the recovery period, requires hard work and serious commitment. Remember that your loved ones might be making an effort too, to mend the relationships. The first thing they would expect is your commitment and reestablishment of the lost trust. Once they know you are honest and want to work towards bettering the relationship, they would be eager to walk the distance too. Consistent healthy behaviors can help to mend relationships, leaving your and your family happy and positive. Damaged relationship after drug rehab can be improved in several ways like:


Relationships can be improved with the help of communication. Start reconnecting with the people around you as they are the ones that will help you in getting out of addiction. Talk to them often and let them know that you are trying hard to get your life back together and want to mend your relationships. Communication can be in the form of in-person, letter, email, phone call or even a text message and can be very helpful in mending the relationships. Simple communication can help you to build a line of connection.

Attending General Meetings:

Attending meetings and can help you to connect with people who are going through the same situations. Involve yourself into groups that provide the support system to those who are going through the damaged relationship after drug rehabilitation. This ongoing process of providing support and advice, can go for a long way and guides an individual in improvising the damaged relationship.

Honesty and Forgiveness

It is likely possible that due to addiction one might have hurt the people around themselves. Instead of carrying guilt, apologize and ask for forgiveness to those who are around you. Knowing the fact that people are hesitant to forgive but still by asking for forgiveness, people can make themselves free from the guilt.

“Honesty is the best policy” hence being honest about your past mistakes one can regain the trust of others by being honest.

Showing up your intentions:

It is very important to be active in showing up your intentions. When one is into drug addiction, the drug becomes the primary source for them and everything else becomes secondary. Give more time to your near and dear one to improve the damaged relationship due to negligence. Spend more time with your family to know their interests and likes and do something special to make them happy.

Some additional tips for regaining trust include:

· Be prepared to face resistance.

· Put yourself in your loved ones’ shoes. 

· Be patient. 

· Learn to forgive yourself.

· Remember that you can only change yourself. 

Coming back from the best rehabilitation centre in India and trying to lead a normal life can be a tricky situation but it can be controlled and resolved. If family, friends, and society support the person then he/she can get out of drug addiction through rehabilitation programs. Repairing relationships takes time. “In the beginning, there is going to be a significant lack of trust but would be overcome by following the above methods.

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