Italy ranks high on the bucket list of many travelers. Although, located in southern Europe. This country is just shaped like a boot-shaped. And one of the most popular travel destinations for many reasons including art treasures, spectacular landscapes, the fashionable fashion, warm people and amazing cuisine. This country offers so much to see and explore that an entire lifetime can be short to enjoy its beauty. If you are planning a trip to this country and are wondering which places you should visit. Then, fly with Cheap Turkish Airlines Flights at very affordable rates and learn to explore the best places to visit in Italy:


Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire, is right now the official seat just as the capital of Italy. Situated in the focal locale of the nation’s Lazio, Rome is an enormous and complex city that is both verifiable and present-day simultaneously. It is one of the most visited urban areas in Italy. This notable city is well known for being the country of antiquated Roman structures and the ‘Vatican City’, Rome has made due for more than 2,500 years as a significant community for culture, religion, and force.


Tuscany is the region most famous for going on a family vacation and one of the top places in Italy. The place combines stunning rolling hills, vineyards, cypress trees, and olive trees. Many of the pleasures you can enjoy in Tuscany include relaxing in mountainous cities like San Gimignano, wine tasting in Chianti or exploring Renaissance art in Florence. In addition, the medieval city also portrays extraordinary works of art, while its ‘historical center’ is one of the most famous places to visit in the country. In addition, Elba, the largest of many Tuscan islands, offers amazing beaches. On the other hand, Pisa is famous for its Leaning Tower as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


One of the most romantic cities to travel in Italy is Venice. It is a unique city which is a lagoon surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. Situated in Northeast Italy, the city is an archipelago of 118 islands associated with many delightful scaffolds and picturesque trenches. Among all the canals, the ‘Grand Canal’ is the most popular and divides the city of Venice into two sections. The attractive waterways and beautiful ancient architecture make Venice one of the most romantic cities in the world.


Almost destroyed by heavy bombardment during World War II, Milan was rebuilt and, at present, shines as one of Europe’s wealthiest cities. Considered primarily a mega fashion center crowd designer shops, Milan is often regarded as the fashion capital of India. The city allocates many travelers to popular treasures around the world. Such places are-  La Scala Opera House, The Last Supper, Castello Saffersco, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting and one of the world’s largest Gothic churches.


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the best places in Italy to explore the authentic cuisine of its culture, traditions. It is also an autonomous region of Italy consisting of various small islands. Sicily is separated from the main region of Calabria by 5 KM (2 mi) by the Strait of Messina. The city is rich in history and art to be home to every great Mediterranean civilization. From the temples in the valley of Agrigento to the Baroque churches of Palermo, you will have every glimpse here.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is one of the most delightful places in Italy to enjoy a great holiday. Composed of five small villages in Italy, Cinque Terre is a famous tourist destination which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. Travelers usually visit these villages because of their proximity to each other. You can cover these villages on foot for a few hours. It has a well-protected marine area. Cinque Terre attracts tourists making its way through the hills, with mountains connecting small villages.


Florence is a beautiful display of the Italian Renaissance, in which a huge art museum can be seen. It is one of the most amazing tourist destinations to visit in Italy. The cathedral of Santa Maria del Fierce, Dumo, is a landmark of world-class architecture in the city. The city has half a dozen art museums with paintings and sculptures while more masterpieces adorn its churches. After the art extravaganza at Uffizi Gallery and Pitti Palace, take a walk through Boboli Gardens and explore the artisans’ studios. There is so much for your trip to Florence.

Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most visited places in Italy. Located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy and against the hills of the Alps, it is a bright resort area recognized for its bright backdrop. Considered the most stunning lake, Como has been the favorite summer retreat of the rich and the people of ancient Rome survived the heat of Milan to cool off in the villas with their sharp edges. The weather on the west coast of Como is moderate in winter and white peaks from the Alps to the north can be traced between palm trees and camellia. 


Once given the perfect rivalry to Florence with its art and culture, Siena is one of the most amazing sights in Italy. The place has many art and architectural treasures. Santa Maria’s magnificent cathedral Asunta is the highlight of prominence, with its adorned marble harbor and striped bell towers common among the red brick buildings of Siena. Known for its art, food, museum, medieval city, the place is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country. Its unobstructed roads and extensive plazas are attractive places to visit. 


The sheer excitement makes Naples one of the most important places for vacation in Italy. Naples is an energetic place with narrow streets full of color, noise, and life. Here you will find many things to see and while exploring your lucky churches, amazing castles will be seen showing magic in European royalty and world-class archaeological museums. 

Conclusion We want to tell you through the medium of this site that this place is good for you to visit. So that you have all the time to roam, this place is very good at your moment of fun here and you should go here. Overall, it is up to you where your beautiful days are spent during your vacation. So, which city in Italy are you going to visit? Book your Delta Airlines Reservation for any of these destinations and plan a beautiful Italian holiday with your family and friends soon.

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