Most people think that bed bugs are caused by dirt, but this is not the truth.  They are not attracted to dirt or decaying elements. They can survive in any type of surroundings, provided that there is a source of food.  This is very important if you want to keep them away from your home. 

Bed bugs like to suck blood.  They need blood to survive and breed.  They are similar to mosquitoes the only difference is they cannot fly to reach their food. They are also different from ticks since they don’t live on their host. They need to find a way to get to their food and they do by hiding close to the source of their food.  They only come out once it is safe for them to do so and feed.

It is very difficult to see bed bugs through the naked eye because they are so tiny and aside from that they have light skin that makes them look transparent.  You have to wait until they become adults before you can visibly see them. They are not attracted to clutter, however, it would make them undetectable. This is probably the reason why people believe that they are drawn to messy and dirty places.  Bed bugs can actually live in the most orderly and cleanest surroundings. If this is the case, what could be the reason why there is bed bug infestation? One of the causes is awareness. The more people are aware of the causes the more they will be successful in keeping them out of the area.  If you want to know, does bleach kill bed bugs click this.

Where do they come from?

Bed bugs go together with people.  They can be anywhere in the city or in any of the 50 states like hotels and motels. These bed bugs actually travel one place to another.

Here are some of the familiar places where you can find them

  • ·         City Hall
  • ·         Fire Stations
  • ·         Day Care
  • ·         Office Buildings
  • ·         Planes, ship, trains, taxi cabs, and buses
  • ·         Workplace
  • ·         A friend’s house
  • ·         Schools
  • ·         Nursing Homes
  • ·         Theaters
  • ·         Police Stations
  • ·         Libraries

What attracts them to Your House?

Bedbugs can actually move from one place to another by hitchhiking.  They hitchhike from one place to another place. If you want to see them, you have to look closely.

·         If you are on a vacation and you spend your night in some motel or even a hotel, you have to check if there are bed bugs lying around. 

·         Make sure that you keep yourself free from bed bugs if you are using public transport each day.

·         If you have guests at home, it is possible that they carry with them bed bugs from their homes without their knowledge.  The best solution to this is to wash all the beddings they used at a high temperature once they left.

·         Children may carry them too, especially if they just came from a friend’s house.  It is also important that you know how to distinguish bed bugs from their eggs in order to avoid their infestation.  Check all the items that they carried with them back into the house.

·         They could also come from work.  If you know what bed bugs look like, you may recognize them immediately, before they can infest your house. Bed bugs bites could be in the form of a cluster or line that is surrounded by a rash.

·         When you buy second-hand furniture, it is better to examine them for bed bugs. Look for some insect casings, black streaks, as well as bloodstains.

·         When you are in a public place, always check for the signs of infestation like insect shells, blood stains, fecal deposits, and bloodstains.

What to do if you discovered that there is bed bug infestation at home.

Once you learn that you have bedbugs at home, dial the number of pest control right away to kill them once and for all.  The experts have all the necessary tools to take care of your problem. They are called bedbugs for a reason. They thrive in places where you spend most of your sedentary moments like couches and beds.  They are drawn to people because of the carbon dioxide we exhale and we release most of these when we are resting on the couch or sleeping on the bed. This is the time that they infest and feed on our blood. So, there is no real connection between dirt and bedbugs.  As long as there is blood source, they will contently live at your home. It doesn’t mean if your home is big or small they can infest any place and area. They are also always on the move, so after feeding on the human host, they may hide on one of your things like bags, purses, hanky and even in your clothes to get to a new location.  They can infest any place like theaters, hotel rooms, schools, shelters, military barracks or any other public areas.

Once they are in a new location, they will quickly go to their new place of hiding like the furniture, wallpaper, beds or switch plates.  It will just take a short time before they start to multiply. An adult female may come to your house carrying eggs with her and produce, probably a hundred babies.  Be vigilant enough to keep them away from you and your home.

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