Getting ready for a party!

You must be looking for some quick fashion advice and tips to look best at the upcoming event.

Dressing up for a party is not something you do regularly. While you may be all comfortable in your basic tee and jeans look throughout the day but for a party, you need something more unique, attractive, and enviously beautiful.

If you are a working woman, getting all decked up for an event after your office hours requires more pre-planning and some handy dressing tips to get the best look in less time.

We are sharing with you some tips to enhance the party looks that will help you put your best fashion foot forward anytime, anywhere.

What to wear to a party?

Before you pick up a dress for a party, you must closely take a look at the invitation.

A party can be casual or a themed celebration. Your choice of dress must match the level of formality of the event.

  1. A casual event

A casual event such as a birthday party of your friend, a college reunion, or an anniversary celebration of your parents, gives you more freedom for an outfit selection. You don’t need an evening gown or exquisite dress to grace your presence on the occasion. Even if you opt for wearing a dress, a subtle dress made of cotton or linen with minimal makeup will work.

When attending a birthday party, you must remember that it is someone else’s birthday and not yours, so try not to steal the thunder. A crop top and ripped jeans combination or one-piece boho dress are enough to deck up for the event.

You can choose fancy tops online in different colors, prints, and fabrics.

Similarly, when attending a house party, you are free to select any maxi dress or distressed jeans and shirt, if no theme is mentioned on the invite.

  • A cocktail party

A cocktail party is mostly a formal setup; you need to think before picking a perfect dress. You are expected to appear in outfits that are formal yet classy and celebratory. A-line dresses are your best picks for a cocktail party. Jazz up the look with a crop jacket and stilettos. Remember, the line between looking stylish and sleazy.

So, avoid fitted dresses for your best interest. Apart from an A-Line dress, you can also go for palazzos, pair them with fancy tops online. A clutch and elevated footwear will give the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble.

  • Festive parties 

With Holi around the corner, needless to say, you already have received invitations for a happening Holi party. Now, dressing up for a festive party is entirely your choice. You can go with an ethnic look – like a white Kurti with palazzos and a colorful dupatta.

If not ethnic, you can go in a western look as well. A loose white shirt, a floral tunic, a comfy tank top, a long tee, etc. are some of the trending fancy tops online. Pair them with your jeans, palazzos, pants, or anything you find comfortable.

  • Formal dinner parties

Your boss has decided to throw a lavish dinner party for your team to celebrate the success of a project. Now, this party can be both formal and informal depending upon the size of your team and your interpersonal relationships.

Generally, office dinners are formal in nature. So, going by the rule you must dress-up in an elegant and stylish piece of formal wear. Cotton pants with fancy tops online can be a great and comfortable pick. You can also wear formal skirts and A-line dresses.

Dressing up for parties is a fun affair, especially when you don’t have a dress code to follow. Before you show up for any gathering, you must groom your nails and hair to look picture-perfect. Not to mention, accessories are a must-have for enhancing your look. So, have a nice collection of party clutches, sling bags, heels, shoes, a coat, and jewelry. If not, then you must start shopping. You must also maintain a nice collection of women’s tops for those last-minute parties invites. With the wide availability of fancy tops online, you can order the best of fashion from the comfort of your home.

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