A decade after entering the 2000s, we are still waiting for the flying cars and house robots that serve us our coffee in the morning (ok, we may not yet be psychologically ready for androids).

Even if there are more and more smart gadgets that save time and energy, it is still slow to be democratized. With today’s technology, we can communicate with our house: close the curtains, turn on the lights, manage our refrigerator remotely … But what do we start with? To give you some ideas of what’s interesting and a little futuristic on the market, here are 6 smart gadgets to propel your home in 2020.

A thermostat that also plays your music

Digital thermostats have already been used for several years to regulate the temperature of our home, but today, the smart thermostat goes much further. For example, the fifth-generation Eco bee smart thermostat is integrated with Alexa, has an elegant touch interface and a remote sensor that allows you to properly heat or cool any room in the house.

This latest version has a better speaker, so you can use it to play music and use all of Alexa’s features (including instant messaging) and Spotify integration! The remote sensor has a longer-lasting, longer-range battery. On the other hand, no need to tell you that this gadget requires that you already have the Alexa system at home.

Electrical outlets to connect everything

To have a smart home, you must first be able to connect your household appliances to the same system. The WeMo Mini smart plug appears! It is wide, but also thin enough that you can install two per socket.

The Mini works with Home Kit, Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Google Assistant. A simple on/off switch also allows you to control all the devices connected to it. No smartphone is therefore necessary, even if an application exists, in case you do not have the other systems mentioned. It even has a smart “Away” mode, which is very useful when you are away from home for an extended period of time. This will allow you to control the lighting or your devices.

A garage door opener that knows when you arrive

If you have a house with a garage, you must have already frantically searched the car for the little lever that opens the door. Chamberlain’s MyQ garage door opener lets you tap the screen of your smartphone to open or close your garage wherever you are.

Soon, the company plans to add geofencing features so that it can automatically open and close your garage door when you approach or when your car is safely parked indoors. MyQ can control almost all garage door openers of all major brands manufactured after 1993.

An audio-video doorbell to avoid unpleasant surprises

This is the new version of the magic eye: the audio-video doorbell that lets you see who is at the door. Is it the delivery man? A peddler? Or is it friends? The Nest Hello device has the best video, microphone and speaker quality on the market. The camera can recognize faces and even announce them when they appear to you (that’s pretty futuristic, thank you!).

Although it needs a wired connection, it continuously records video so you never miss what’s going on at your door. You can also configure specific zones so that you are only notified when a person or object appears in this zone. Although you need to subscribe to the Nest Aware service (from $ 5 / month) to take advantage of all its features, it’s worth it if you hate being bothered!

A sleep sensor to help you sleep

Are you chronically tired? You can track the quality of your sleep and get suggestions on how to improve it through apps on your phone, but if you really want to change your sleep vision, the touchpad is the gadget to use. It slips discreetly between your sheets to capture detailed readings of your sleep cycle by listing the number of times you got up and going to bed, as well as the deep sleep and light sleep you had (or didn’t have) EU) in between.

A sophisticated and tactile kitchen tap

We are now used to faucets, flushers and automatic soap dispensers in public places toilets. But did you know that you can also have a techno tap at home? If you plan to redo the taps soon, it might be worthwhile to see a tap like that of Delta Faucet.

Operated using a battery, a single touch (elbow or wrist) activates the water. Handy when you have sticky hands after cooking! You can also easily see the water temperature thanks to an indicator light for maximum comfort, and it saves and turns off after 4 minutes of non-use. Some models (much more expensive) can also be activated by voice.

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