There is no denying that businesses must have a data-driven strategy in place today. A good data-driven policy can lead to cutting down inefficiencies while adding value at the same time. This is why companies around the world are embracing processes like Big data analytics and investing hugely in such processes.

According to the survey by NewVantage Partners Executive Survey, 97.2% of the respondents reported that their firms were investing in Big Data and AI processes as they sought to become data-driven businesses!

Moreover, for major economies undergoing a digital transformation like that of India, Big data analytics is crucial. And for individuals seeking a great career, Big data analytics is not only a good option but also one of the few which offers- lucrative salary, interesting job roles and plenty of good employment opportunities!

Why Big data matters?

The global data generation and storage capacity are rapidly increasing and so is the potential of data.

It is reported that the amount of information in the digital universe will increase by 35 trillion gigabytes in 2020!

Thus, it is no small task to dig out useful information from heaps of useless unstructured data. Traditional BI processes and tools are not equipped to handle such huge data-sets. This is where Big data comes into play as it involves such technologies that help in analysis of enormous data-sets.

Big data is huge and complicated but it can reveal deep secrets which ultimately leads to business growth and increased efficiency. From understanding the customer’s behavior to recognizing potential customers, Big data analytics can do it all!

As a result, there is a huge demand for Big data analysts all over the world and especially in flourishing digital economies like that of India and Malaysia. Big data analysts are also paid handsomely and offered creative career roles such as- Big data architect, HR analytics manager and Big data engineer.

A Big data professional in a non-managerial role earns Rs 8.5 lakhs annually in India!

Want to seek a career in Big data analytics?

For becoming a successful Big data analyst, you are required to be well adept in the skills associated with it and be proficient in using the Big data tools. Some important skills include having an inquisitive nature, creativity, ability to innovate when solving complex data problems, etc. You are also expected to have a good understanding of statistics and programming. You can enroll yourself in a reputed institution in India to acquire mastery over Big data tools like Hadoop and learn database languages like SQL or NoSQL. However, knowledge of Python in Big data analytics is very important for every Big data aspirant as you will not only be using it for scripting but also use various Python packages from time to time in order to perform a number of Big data tasks. Recruiters today mention Python Big data analytics as a desirable qualification and thus, if you want to grab big opportunities you must acquire Python skills!

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