Riding a vehicle without knowing its major controls can land you in great trouble. If you’ve just purchased a dirt bike, then you should first gather relevant information about the major controls before taking your bike out on the roads. This article is a comprehensive guide that covers and talks about all the primary controls that a biker should be well-informed of.  From high brake levers to cables, the list of primary controls is quite long. By the end of this comprehensive article, you will have the required information that is necessary to know before taking your dirt bike on the roads.

List of Dirt Bike Controls

Having proper knowledge and control of the major elements of a dirt bike can ensure better safety while riding. While most of the bikers know what folding levers are, they need more information on the other bike controls. Brake levers, clutch levers, cables, footpegs, throttle, shift pedal, handlebars, and brake pedal are the major controls that you use to exercise your control on the bike.  If you get these controls right then all your rides will be smooth, safe, and enjoyable. Now that you know the name of major dirt bike controls, it’s time to get into details of each of these elements.

Brake Lever

While riding a bike, you never know when you may have to use a sudden brake to stop the vehicle. High-quality brake levers installed in a bike can help you in such cases. Owing to the importance of this control, you must keep this lever in good condition. Whenever you hear squishy brakes, you should understand that it is time to change the brake fluid. It can be tested even when your bike is on the stand. If you feel that your bike’s brake levers are excessively tight, then you should consider overhauling the entire brake system. The best thing you can do here is to call a mechanic and let him do the work for you. To ride on the safe side, you should never ride if this lever is slightly bent, chipped, or even cracked. Get such levers replaced with a brand new lever instantly, and you are good to go.

Clutch Lever

Another important control of a dirt bike, a clutch lever helps in engaging and disengaging power from the bike’s engine to the rear wheel. Similar to a folding lever, when you pull a clutch lever, you can expect to experience an easy feel with a slightly tight draw. In case the lever feels lumpy with every pull, you should consider tightening the dirt bike’s cables. Having a properly-working clutch lever is crucial for a biker’s safety. You should get it replaced if you find it slightly bent, cracked, or chipped.


The cables are connected with the high brake levers and clutch levers in dirt bikes. With time, these cables may get frayed or become a little brittle that may affect its functioning capacity. If you have been using your dirt bike for a long period and have yet not replaced the cable once, then you should consider changing it. No matter how good the cable was earlier; all the cables require replacement after a certain period of usage. You can also add a little lubricant to the cables to improve the functionality. If you are not sure whether applying a lubricant will work or the bike compulsorily requires a new cable, you can always contact a reliable mechanic in your vicinity.


Very common control of a dirt bike, footpegs can easily be checked by any rider. If you ever face difficulty withholding your feet on the footpegs, simply fasten the bolt. Other solutions include sharpening the blade, replacing it with a new pair, or upgrading the cleats. You can also spray some WD-40 or any other top-quality lubricant on the springs located in the foldaway section.

Brake Pedal

As the name suggests, a brake pedal is used to put a brake on a vehicle for slowing it down or completely stopping it. To continue enjoying its smooth functioning, keep checking its functionality, and tighten the fastening bolt accordingly.

Shift Lever

Located next to the footpeg, it is an easy control to check. The only challenge with a shift lever is that you cannot check whether it’s working properly while it is placed on a stand. To stay on the ideally safer side, you can lube the folding tip and tighten the fastening bolt before taking your dirt bike out for a ride. Even if problems exist, applying lube or tightening the fastening bolt will reduce its intensity, helping you reach home safe and sound.


Riders use handlebars to control the bike while sitting upright on the bike. The importance of handlebars is equivalent to that of the high brake levers and other elements mentioned in this article. If you don’t lubricate it routinely, then you will find it difficult to use them.


A throttle is primarily used to control the flow of power in the form of fuel to a bike’s engine. If you want to increase or reduce your bike’s engine power, then you will have to use your throttle for it. This control is of prime importance, and it should be checked timely for smooth functioning. If you experience resistance or halted operations, then the chances are that debris has accumulated, and it needs to get removed on time. If you face continued disruption, then contact a mechanic for quick assistance. Though a dirt bike has a lot of components, riders are not required to know the technical aspects of each. Having basic knowledge will serve the purpose, and they can use the same for their safety and better riding experience. Folding levers, footpeg, high brake levers, cables, and other controls mentioned in this article are crucial parts of any dirt bike. Knowing what the element is and what it does is enough to make your riding safe and enjoyable.   

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