Lately, Instagram has been a priority among marketers for their social media & digital marketing strategies. You may wonder why is it so?

In this digital age, social media is of prime importance for brands & marketers to connect with their audience, promote their brand, and drive brand growth. So, Instagram specifically has been the highlight when it comes to generating results for marketing.

Therefore, we present you a strategy to make your marketing way more impactful & beneficial with the solution i.e. Instagram Hashtag Slideshow.

What Is Instagram Hashtag Slideshow?

          You may know that hashtags are a key component of social media platforms especially Instagram. Marketers heavily leverage Instagram hashtag campaigns in their marketing strategies.

Instagram hashtag slideshow is the curation of user-generated content around a hashtag(s) from Instagram and displaying it on social media displays as a slideshow.

The slideshow can fetch content from hashtags in real-time to display it instantly. Any kind of marketing channel can leverage Instagram hashtag slideshow by using a digital display screen.

Instagram hashtag slideshow is a valuable addition to the Instagram hashtag campaigns. Hashtags are an essential element of any social media marketing campaign as it helps you magnify your campaign impressions, easy discoverability, simple campaign tracking, open-to-all participation, etc. Be it events, or exhibitions, product launch campaigns, concerts, seminars & conferences, digital out-of-home advertising, etc.

Why Your Marketing Needs Instagram Hashtag Slideshow?

          Here are some of the key reasons why you need to make use of the hashtag slideshow of Instagram content to amplify your marketing.

1. Collect Valuable Content

          The first benefit is that when you create hashtag campaigns, there are a lot of social media users who participate and contribute their content in your campaigns.

Instagram hashtag slideshow helps in discovering, collecting, and curating all the valuable and relevant content that users have created into a single place. This will help you get access to a hub of user-generated content that you can leverage in your future marketing campaigns.

This is helpful as when you create content for your marketing campaigns, it requires huge and consistent investments into manpower, time, and budget leading to an adverse impact on returns on investments.

2. Build Social Proof With UGC

          The supreme need of marketing in this age is to gain audience trust by displaying the authenticity & credibility of their brand & its products but the challenge is that the audience does not trust the marketing message as they used to do a few years ago.

So, Instagram hashtag slideshow helps in gathering all the powerful and authentic user-generated content using Instagram hashtags to perfectly display it in your marketing campaign which will help in building social proof for your campaigns.

As UGC is known to be the most reliable, authentic, and trustworthy form of content by the people and they rely on UGC to make their engagement and purchase decisions in an online environment.

3. Improve Event Marketing Strategies

          Event marketing is still a huge tactic among the marketers to reach their audience and engage with them as it is more personal & interactive so that it can lead to better results and growth for the brand.

Using the Instagram hashtag slideshow and displaying it on digital screens and signages across your event can help in boosting the audience engagement in the event.

The audience can share their images and videos from the event or they can even indulge in Q&A sessions, panel discussions, audience interactions, etc. in an event with the help of Instagram hashtag slideshow.

Further, you can even organize contests, quizzes, polls, leaderboards, or other gamification strategies to provide memorable event experiences and create a buzz on Instagram about your brand & event.

4. Boost Audience Engagements

          Audience engagement is always a challenge for any marketer while creating a marketing strategy. Instagram is known to have the highest user engagement rate comparatively and Instagram hashtag slideshow can help you bring this engagement into other marketing channels.

You can display the Instagram hashtag slideshow on digital signages, in-store signages, event screens, outdoor advertising, etc. to engage the audience in your marketing campaigns.

As we discussed that displaying UGC builds social proof for the brand and that leads to engagement. So, the audience will engage more with what other customers are saying, their experiences, word-of-mouth, etc. You can use these Instagram hashtag slideshows of UGC to engage with users and influence them to drive your conversions & revenue.


Instagram hashtag slideshow is an excellent tactic to attract, engage, and convert users into customers for your brand. You can use tools like a UGC platform to easily create an Instagram hashtag feed for your marketing campaign and display it as a slideshow on digital screens. The opportunities are endless with greater possibilities of maximizing your returns and reducing your investments. So, get started now to create your Instagram hashtag slideshow marketing campaign and unlock the doors to social proof, engagement, and conversions.

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