If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, make it stand out by adding grey in your kitchen. White kitchens have always been at the top of the chart since the start. White is known as a safer option. Try adding grey to your kitchen to make your kitchen stand out from the typical white kitchens. Grey kitchens have become a trendsetter nowadays and are rising to become another classic kitchen choice. Here are 10 smart ideas to add grey to your kitchen:

Beach inspired touch:

A beach-inspired kitchen worktop is another kitchen design that gives your kitchen an elegant look. A sand and grey colour kitchen worktop will provide a nostalgic feel to your kitchen. If you want your kitchen to have a contemporary look, then try adding neutral colours contracting a Grey kitchen worktop to your kitchen, with simple and sophisticated designs or textures. Colours like light blue or turquoise to your neutral kitchen can effortlessly help you construct a beach-inspired kitchen.

Use of contrasting neutrals:

Many people wish to have delicacy in their kitchen without teaming up with many colours. This problem calls for a solution, try mixing and matching your cabinets and worktop in charcoal grey and white. This mix-matching displays a multi-layered style, making a small kitchen look more substantial. Grey goes well with neutral colours. Mixing grey and white or shades of grey and white to your kitchen worktop can make your kitchen look good.

Charcoal grey:

A rich charcoal grey colour kitchen worktop goes perfectly with the background colour of the walls and cabinetry. It adds richness and glamour to your kitchen. The secret to a glamorous kitchen adds a grey kitchen worktop, keep your cabinetry simple and add shimmer. You can add many other shimmery articles like chandeliers if your texture and designs are simple and straightforward. You don’t wish to have a contemporary look for your kitchen then opt for a contrasting shade of grey and white.


Worktops are available cheaper as well as expensive prices depending on the material used. The material you use for your worktop is dependent on how much you have to spend. Pocket- friendly options are available that can meet your need to install a grey worktop.

Adding granite to your kitchen:

Granite is a stylish and beautiful material and is associated with luxurious kitchens worktops. It is one of the popular picks for grey kitchen worktops.

It has low- maintenance than other materials. It can not scratch or chip off easily. It is heat resistant material, which is one of the reasons why people use it as a kitchen worktops in households.

Perfect pick:

Quartz has low maintenance and high durability property, which makes it an ideal pick for grey kitchen worktops. Quartz is more durable than granite and marble and does not chip off easily.

Elegant look:

If you are looking for a luxurious kitchen, a marble kitchen worktop should be your first option. The material is always cool, durable, and dense. Your kitchen looks a lot better with a grey marble kitchen worktop.


If you want a contemporary kitchen, grey kitchen worktops are one of the best. Grey kitchen worktops are eye-catchy, striking, and elegant. Quartz worktops are a good option if you want an industrial look for your kitchen.

Sophisticated look:

Grey kitchen worktops bring a modern and sophisticated feel to your house. Grey kitchen worktops have an urban appeal to it. A quiet and industrial look is more prevalent in households nowadays.

Versatile colour:

Grey kitchen worktops are easy to spot and spreads a soothing feel around the house. Grey colour is so versatile and can match with any other colour easily, from bright whites to burnt oranges as well as matt black.

Kitchen trends go in and out of trend, but only some become famous. Charcoal grey kitchen worktops have gained decades of popularity and are still renowned. Grey kitchen tops are a trendsetter now and are flourishing to give out its best.

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