In today’s modern era when every teen is crazy about mobile games such as PUBG, Clash of Clans, etc., we millennials still get nostalgic while thinking about the arcade games that we used to play in our childhood. Those were the days when we used to visit gaming stations and play some of the most epic video games ever created. As technology evolved the gaming machines became outdated and people started playing games on their smartphones. The new games are good but most of us still get the nostalgia of those classic games. But there is no need to be sad as various video game producers have created those classics for your smartphones. Yes, you read it right, you can still enjoy classics like Pac-man, Mario, Pin-ball, etc. on your very own smartphone.

Here we have listed some of the best retro-arcade games available for your android phone.

Best Retro Arcade Games for Android

Here is the list of some of our favorite classic arcade games for your android phone:

1. Pac-Man

This classic video gaming gem tops our list of best arcade games for android. It was so addictive that people used to play it for hours. It was released in 1980 by Namco (Japanese Video Games Developers). It is also available for android and still remains addictive to play because of the original graphics and the epic music. The gameplay is also the same, you have to eat the dots & fruits by keeping up with the increasing pace and avoid being hit by the ghosts. It is available on the play store for free along with different variants.

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2. Snake Beats – 3D Snake VS Block Game

We all have grown up by playing the most famous and loved Snake game. We used to play this game in gaming machines, old Nokia keypad mobile phones, and various other devices. It was a quite simple game you just have to make the snake eat fruits and then manage the constantly increasing length of the snake. Now Innovana games have relaunched this cult classic game by adding some new and exciting things to it. Snake Beats – 3D Snake VS Block Game offers some cool graphics and engaging music. Snake games fans must give a try to this new and innovative form of the game.

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3. Pinball King

Here is another famous arcade game from the 90s. Pinball is one of the oldest arcade games and some of the people are still obsessed with this game. For them, Mobirix Corporation has re-created this game for their android devices. Now you can play the classic pinball game on your android smartphone as well. It offers three different playing modes including single-player mode, multiplayer mode, and spectator mode. You can get this retro game on play store and relive your childhood.

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4. Sonic Dash

This retro- classic game was launched way back in 1991 by the Sonic Team that is owned by Sega. At the time of its release, the game became viral and faced a huge success. It is still famous among the millennials and that’s why the creators have launched the game for android also with some great 3D environments. If you got bored from the modern-day running games and miss the classic Sonic the Hedgehog, then you must try this one. It is available on the play store for free.

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5. Super Mario Run

You might be joking if you are a millennial and say that you don’t know about Super Mario. It is still one of the most popular games in the world and because of its immense popularity, Nintendo has launched this game for android devices also. It is designed in such a way that you can play it with one hand just by tapping the screen. It offers some exciting new graphics and variants. Now you can also challenge your friends and other players across the globe. Isn’t it exciting that the game you used to play on a gaming console is now available on your android device?

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It was a nostalgic ride writing this article. We all have some of our most beautiful memories related to any of the above-mentioned games. If you want to relive that beautiful time again then you should try any one of the above-mentioned games. It will be a relaxing, refreshing and pleasant moment if you do so. We hope that this article helped you to recollect your childhood memories. Then what are you waiting for? Just pick your android phone and install any one of the above-mentioned games and relive your childhood.

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