Heard of Instagram? Obviously, you have. It is one of the most popular and used social media platforms all over the world. It is also doing great for businesses with its new updates and visual-based theme.

Presently most people around the world use Instagram and are addicted to its amazing theme which is all about visuals. It is the age of visuals and this is what can help businesses grow. 

The best part about Instagram is it consists of User-Generated Content (UGC) for brands that are just there, waiting to be used. Wondering how to use it? Try embedding an Instagram Feed on the website like many brands already are.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Website

When a business decides to introduce something in their marketing strategy, they put a lot of thought and research behind it. They want results and they plan everything for it. So if brands decided to do it, there are reasons behind it. Here are a few reasons that will convince you to introduce Instagram feeds on website

1. Drive UGC from Instagram to your website

As we already know how powerful UGC can be in influencing people’s decisions and gaining their trust, embedding Instagram feeds on website can be the best way to display UGC on your website. 

It will also encourage your users to post more for your brand in order to get featured on your website. The quality of their posts will also heighten due to the pressure of the world looking at it. It will help your website visitors to look at the products and services in action. So driving the UGC to your website will be made easier through Instagram feed embedding. 

2. Increases engagement and decreases bounce rate

I am sure you won’t deny that Instagram is quite addictive. Once you start scrolling, you keep scrolling. Right?

Similarly, when your website visitors look at your Instagram feed, they will want to engage with and scroll all the images of different products and services your users have posted. You can combine it with branded and promotional content as well, it will reach the audience in a more appealing way. The content is diverse and visually compelling which will attract the users and increase engagement of your website.

While your users are scrolling and exploring your website, their dwell will increase which will eventually decrease the bounce rate for your website. 

3. Expands social reach 

The Instagram feed you embed is clickable, which will help you drive your website visitors to your Instagram handle. This will increase your social reach and follower base. 

More people will know about your brand and might want to share it with their friends as well which will boost brand awareness. It will help you grow your social media influence on people.

This way you will also improve the communication touchpoints with your users and your users will get one more platform to interact with your brand. This will increase your customer base also as more people will be aware of your brand. 

4. Build a strong brand image and consumer trust

As already mentioned in the previous points, the Instagram feed consists of UGC and enhances the social reach and increases engagement.

This means more people are aware of your brand and more people will be visiting your website. When those people visit your website and spend time exploring and scrolling your Instagram feed, they will look at how satisfied and happy your customers are. This will help your brand gain their trust in being a genuine and well brand. 

This also makes your brand image superlative that before as the social proof displayed on your website shoutouts how happy your customers are with your brand. Your brand image will get stronger and then there is no looking back.

5. Drive sales and conversions

When people are visiting your website, exploring products and trusting your brand, what is stopping them from purchasing our products?

There are many customers that are confused and have doubts about buying products online but looking at the reviews and rating by other users, they will not hesitate to go ahead and buy the products. 

Especially if you have an e-commerce website, embedding an Instagram feed on a website can help you a lot in influencing people’s decisions. The reviews and ratings by the UGC will help them go ahead and buy the products as you will provide them with a point of inspiration for their purchase.

Overall it will help your brand increase sales and get a higher conversion rate.

6. Makes your website vibrant and attractive

The look of a website can actually make your break the customer. If the website is not attractive, visitors tend to leave the website instantly. Instagram Feed consists of diverse and attractive content which can help a lot in increasing the website vibrancy.

When the website looks appealing, visitors feel like staying and exploring more of it. The mind likes what appeals to it and UGC is the best way to attract people. That content is more relatable as well as creative in its own sense.


Embedding an Instagram Feed on the website can be very beneficial for your brand. If you think you have enough UGC that can help you influence more people towards your brand, why not use it?

Instagram is so popular and addictive that it will definitely get you some great results for your business. Heightened sales and brand awareness are what every brand needs and you can achieve that with a simple Instagram Feed.

So what are you still waiting for? 

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