Did you know the bay leaves originate from the sweet Bay tree? It is utilized for culinary purposes for its particular scent and flavor especially in Indian cuisine. After the dish id cooked bay leaves are removed and discarded.  But why bay leaves should be added and later on removed before eating. Check out more to find out more about it

It’s a dried and aromatic leaf that adds flavor to Asian dishes. But what if I told you that Bay leaves are extremely beneficial for your health too. The Bay leaf or bay-laurel derives from the family Lauraceae. It is even used largely in traditional medicine. And furthermore interesting is that these leaves are also regarded as a symbol of honor. In Greece, heroes were crowned and Olympians were gifted with a wreath of bay leaves.

Bay leaves are mainly used in gravies, biryanis, stews, and other dishes to add aromatic flavors. Here are some reasons why you should consider including them in your life too.

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Step by step instructions to Buy Bay Leaf

1. An assortment of bay leaves is accessible in grocery stores, for example, fresh, dried, dried squashed, freeze-dried, dried ground and so forth. Always get them from legitimate sources and don’t accept the ones with an off-smell, with spots, or parasite tainted leaves.

2. While purchasing crisp bay leaves, search for light green and oval molded leaves. Smell them for a mellow fragrance.

3. It is ideal to purchase dried narrows leaves in little amounts since their flavor gets lost rapidly and old leaves won’t give you the perfect measure of taste and flavor.

8 Benefits of Bay Leaves

1. It Helps Diabetes Treatment

Studies show that bay leaves can help individuals with type 2 diabetes. Notwithstanding rendering flavor to nourishments, bay leaves were additionally found to assume a job in glucose digestion. It is proven that constant use of bay leaves in food showed an overall dip in blood sugar levels.

2. Bay leaf Can Fight Inflammation

Bay leaf contains sesquiterpene lactones2, which are known to battle aggravation by repressing the creation of nitric oxide (4). Studies show that nitric oxide, in higher focuses, can prompt irritation – and those nitric oxide inhibitors fill in as potential treatment alternatives for fighting an inflammation

3. Aids Hair Growth and Treats Dandruff

Of you are suffering from dandruff and hair loss? Try bay leaf. Bay leaves can come to the rescue. Just boil a few bay leaves in water, cool it down a bit. And then rinse your scalp and hair with this water. Does this after your shampoo wash? Dandruff lessens and new hair even starts to grow.


4.  Helps Digestion

If you are constipated or feeling bloated, there is no need to worry. Bay leaves can easily get your digestive system back on track. The Principles of Ayurveda state that bay leaves cool down your digestive fire. It helps to take out the excess toxins from the system because of its diuretic properties and even stimulates the digestive fluids.

5. Helps Combat Cancer

Research conducted on human cancer cells portrayed that bay leaf juices showed healing properties and positive results as an anticancer agent. It is so powerful that it helps destroy cancer cells too. They are packed with phytonutrients and catechins that can battle cancer cells.

6. Pain Reliever

Bay leaf even contains anti-inflammatory agents. This aids to reduce pain in people suffering from all types of muscular pains, joint strains, and also arthritis. You can ground the bay leaves to make a paste and apply it to the affected area to ease the discomfort of pain.

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7. Reduces Cough

Another great benefit of bay leaves is its ability to clean up your respiratory system. If you are suffering from a bad cold or cough, bay leaf can help to clear the passage and get rid of bacteria. You need to heat 4-5 bay leaves in water. And take it in small portions.

8.  Fights Stress

Stress and Anxiety are getting so common in this modern world.  Try a cup of Bay leaf tea to distress. This will calm your nerves and definitely relieve you of the stress. In fact it will induce sleep and fight the symptoms of depression, too.


Even though bay leaves are often considered safe, it’s best to take precaution especially for pregnant or women who are breastfeeding mothers since bay leaves can cause uterine contractions. Also, they say one should stop eating bay leaves two weeks before conducting any surgery, especially if it’s to do with the central nervous system.


This post is written by Anahita Irani, who is a food blogger and recipe developer. She enjoys solo traveling and blogs at https://Sweetannu.com. You can check one of her posts –  Best Home Remedies to cure Acidity

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