The PTE writing section consists of two tasks: “Summarize Written Text” and “Essay Writing”. You will need good writing skills to ace this task. Online PTE coaching will give you guided training on how to tackle these tasks so you can manage to get a good score in the writing section. 

Here are some tips on how to improve your score on the writing tasks.

Summarize Written Text

In this question type, your score will depend on the content, formal requirements, grammar usage and vocabulary base.

Follow instructions

You should follow the instructions that are given for this task. You have to summarize the text that appears on the screen. Your summary should be written in a single sentence. Your summary should be between 5 to 75 words. Do not write above or below this word limit or you will lose points.

Skimming through the text

You will not have enough time to read every single word at your own pace. So, you will have to skim through the passage. Skimming means to read quickly and get an overall idea of the passage. You should make note of keywords and phrases. Pay attention to the repeating words as they will help you to understand the concept. If it gets confusing to read it again. If you come across unfamiliar words then take the help of the context to figure out what it means. Practice skimming passages during online PTE coaching. Pay attention to the beginning few lines and the ending few lines because the starting lines covers the introduction and the ending lines sums up the passage. 

Practice writing complex sentence

Online PTE coaching will teach you how to build complex sentences. As you need to summarize the whole text in one sentence, you will have to practice framing complex sentences. Writing a complex sentence gets confusing so you should take proper guidance and learn proper techniques during online PTE coaching. 

Essay Writing

In this task, you will have to write an essay on the given topic. It tests your usage of grammar, spelling, vocabulary usage, and written disclosure skills.

Content structure

You should write your essay in the form of paragraphs. You should avoid the use of bullets. The essay should consist of 3-4 paragraphs which should include an introduction and conclusion. Begin with an introductory paragraph and end with a strong conclusion. The body paragraphs should include arguments or your stand. Try to cover 1-2 points in each body paragraph. Practice following this structure during online PTE coaching. 

Word limit

Essay writing has a word limit of 200 – 300 words. You should make sure to write in this word limit. If you write way too below this word count or above it then you will get a low score. 


Your content should be relevant to what is asked. You should use a combination of sentence structure. If you use the same type of sentences then your write up will look boring. So, mix it up with simple, long, complex and compound sentences. This will give variation in reading and will keep the reader engaged. You should maintain a flow while writing this means that you cannot just jump from one idea to another. You should use a smooth transition between ideas and paragraphs. Make use of the connector while writing long sentences. There should be a link between two sentences or your essay will sound vague. When you write the body paragraphs, you should include a reference to the previous paragraph. This will keep the matter interconnected. Follow these tips during online PTE coaching.

Grammar and Vocabulary

You will need strong grammar skills and a good vocabulary base to write an impressive essay. Online PTE coaching will help you to clear your grammar basics and also increase your word bank. You should take up grammar and vocabulary exercises that are easily available on the internet. Focus on forming correct sentences and using the right words. Some words have a similar meaning but they are used in a certain context. So, understand the context while choosing words. Your essay should have correct sentence formation. 

Time management

You will get around 20 minutes to tackle this task. You should practice managing your time during online PTE coaching. When the timer starts, you should not be in a rush to write your response. But take 1-2 minutes to understand the topic and collect relevant ideas and thoughts in your mind. Spend the next 2-3 minutes in writing down important points regarding the topic. Then utilize the next 14- 15 minutes to write your essay. Make sure to leave the last 2 minutes for proofreading your response. Try to follow this while practicing essay writing and see if you manage to tackle the task on time. 

Proofread your response It is very important to proofread what you have written. This is because we usually do not realize making a mistake while writing our response. But when we read it then its something sounds off about it. Proofreading also helps you to avoid spelling mistakes and missing punctuations. So when you proofread your response, you should make sure that the response does not sound off. If it does then figure the mistake and make the changes right away. Then look for spelling errors or incorrect use of punctuations. While typing your response in a hurry, you also end up making typo errors. So, proofreading will help you avoid that. Practice proofreading your essay response during online PTE coaching.

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