A split AC is the best AC variant to go for when it comes to buying an air conditioner. It is not only easy to install but even provides you with best-in-class cooling performance. It also lets you sleep comfortably without making too much noise like a window AC.

Despite buying the best split AC model in the market, a majority of people have complaints of AC not cooling properly. What could be the culprit?

If you are one of those people whose split AC is not working properly, then you need to follow a few tips. This way, you will be able to increase the longevity of your split AC. Continue reading!

  1. Ensure to clean or change the AC filter

The AC filter is a vital part of your device, and it should be cleaned or changed frequently depending on the use of your split AC. If the filter of your AC remains dirty, it will not only reduce cooling efforts but even increase power bills. Hence, your overall maintenance cost may go up and hurt your wallets.

  • Cleaning the compressor is another point not to miss

Another significant AC part is the compressor, which works hard to keep your room cool. Thus, you should ensure to clean the compressor of your split AC from time to time to continue getting refreshing and cool air. You can use the oil designed for split ACs in your compressor to increase its life.

  • Replace the evaporator and ensure that refrigerant is intact

When air passes via the AC system, the evaporator coil soaks up the heat and gives out cool air through space. Hence, when you split AC is not working properly, it may also be due to your evaporator being old. Thus, you would need to replace it. Another vital element of an AC is its refrigerant, and you should check if it’s leaking or not. It may be another reason for your split AC not cooling properly.

  • Are you done with your split AC maintenance yet?

Many people continue using their split ACs for months and years without getting their maintenance done, and then they say that their machine is not working efficiently. Therefore, if you have not run your split AC through the annual maintenance yet, then it is high time to get it done before the onset of the summer season. Getting the AC maintenance done will help your machine getting a new lease of life to work without problems.

  • Keep light emitting appliances away from your AC room

The more the things are stacked in your AC room, the more strain the machine will take and longer to cool. You should be aware that the AC cools down everything available in the AC and it may hurt its efficiency and increase electricity bills. Thus, you should ensure to keep out things that you don’t need. Also, it would be recommended to remove all heat-producing appliances from the AC room. Having them will keep saying the thermostat that your room needs to be cooled more. Thus, it will not only hamper the cooling capacity of your split AC but even increase the light bill.

The best of the tips that you can implement to increase the working efficiency of your air conditioner is now enlisted.

If you are unable to make the most of your split AC, then your machine may have been facing one of the discussed issues.

It is advised to know an inside out of any devices that you use so that you may know what to do when it hits issues. This way, you may be able to continue using it and without investing in a new one for years.        

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