SEO plays a crucial role in the digital marketing campaign. The marketers also agree this point. Apart from building links, you can make your campaign a success through a variety of things.

As a content curator for the web, your task is to maximize. The more you express through less words, the better your job.

When it comes to image optimization, alt text is very important. In this article will look at ways to improve images.

Why are images important?

There are many reasons to use images in your articles.

1. Images act as visual stimuli for a call-to-action. CTAs typically include subscribing to your newsletter, sharing your articles on social media, and buying your product.

2. Images convey more through less.

3. Images enhance the connection the writer wants to establish with the reader.

Therefore it is very important to use the right images in the presentations to make a mark in the mind of the users.

1. Use images that relate to the page

It is human nature to focus on images. An unique image that matches your topic will inspire users to share your content. Of course, this will make a new impression. At the same time, users are more likely to react to an image that does not match.

Images that summarize your article with a humorous, a dramatic way will attract your audience. How good would it be if your product talks about a service or product you offer?

2. Incorrect image format

The format used for an article, image plays a vital role. As a rule of thumb, use PNG for computer generated images like clip art and vector graphics. JPEG can be used for photographs or images with multiple colors.

3. Large dimensions

This’s a classic. Don’t spot the problem with the image you upload. Everyone uploads the actual 5MP image! This will increase the load time by consuming more space. Resize the image to the desired dimensions. Upload after that.

There are free online tools like to quickly resize and improve your images. They also offer a quick image compressors if you want to reduce your file size.

4. Organize multiple images for optimal viewing

As with the images you choose, it is as important as to organize your images. Organize your images in a way that makes sense.

You also want to make sure that there are no gaps in your images. Providing more images will enhance the user experience and lead to more conversions.

5. Include a concise caption with your image

Captions, like URLs can also be crawled by search engines. Maintaining both the page relevance and the image relevance is important. Because, anyone who uses keywords related to your caption will see your page listed in the search results.

Images with misleading captions will increase your bounce rate. And it will send poor signals to Google’s search engine that your content is not a suitable match. Leaving captions blank in terms of SEO and user experience is a missed opportunity.

Wrapping up Don’t underestimate the impact of image optimization. Large images in size can affect your website. Perform image optimization manually, especially if you want to monetize via your wordpress site.

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