Manufacturing is an important aspect of economic activity around the world. With the revitalization of the manufacturing industry, the technology related to the digitalization of the manufacturing process has also taken place. In other words, ERP has become the backbone of effective manufacturing. The following are the ways it facilitates the manufacturing process:

  1. Consolidates information
  2. Provides automation
  3. Integrates applications

Almost all the available ERP systems are designed to keep operations efficient. So, what makes Microsoft Dynamics AX special?

Here we will see how Dynamics AX is a better ERP solution than the rest and why you should switch to it.

  1. Your operations are connected:

When you call in a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation partner for its implementation, you unlock operational excellence in your system with the interconnected functionalities of the business solution. By connecting all the manufacturing operations, you enable your organization to focus on being responsive, innovative and remaining competitive. In today’s market, it is mandatory for manufacturers to understand the concepts and maintain high-quality production. The flexibility of the business solution allows your organization to take advantage of the present and prepares you for future IT innovations and applications.

  • Comes with business intelligence and forecasting models:

Manufacturing can change from time to time. It is often influenced by natural calamities, change in the demand and introduction of new legislation. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can always remain a step ahead of your competitors and account for such incidents by the assistance of advanced Business Intelligence, forecasting models, and machine learning forecasts that are driven by Azure cloud and the IoT.

  • Your system integrates with the entire Microsoft stack:

Dynamics is at the center of the entire Microsoft stack. Thus, when a Microsoft Dynamics partner implements the ERP solution in your system, you get to access the vast technology stack of Microsoft that includes Office 365, Power BI, and Azure, etc.

  • Order fulfillment is revolutionized:

When the supply and demand conflict with each other or varies considerably, it becomes hard to fulfill orders. By implementing the business solution through a Microsoft Dynamics partner, you gain access to the global visibility of your inventory, logistics, manufacturing, and role-tailored workplaces. This lets your customer service representatives.

  • Deployment of a cloud:

A Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner can conduct a complete cloud-based deployment in AX. This makes the entire implementation and adoption affordable for the user companies or organizations. It also modernizes the infrastructure of companies for improved scalability and less maintenance strain. 

  • Easy and convenient implementation:

It is easier for Microsoft Dynamics partners to implement and deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX when compared to other alternatives from Oracle and SAP. It also requires inexpensive maintenance and less customization which thereby broadens project scope and implementation times.

Hence, it can be said without a doubt that switching to Dynamics AX only benefits the user companies and organizations.

SUMMARY This article shows how switching to Microsoft Dynamics AX benefits the user’s companies.

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