Security becomes a major concern when the source documents are of too much importance to you and your company. In such a scenario is it right to outsource those critical documents to a document scanning service provider to get them digitized?

Well, to feed your concerns, many reputed professional scanning service companies provide On-site document scanning services that scan those important official paper works that cannot be moved from their storage space.

Professional onsite document scanning services can convert all types and sizes of paper into digitized files and handle every aspect of your document needs expertly. For example,

  • Document Preparation Before Scanning
  • Indexing Services
  • OCR and OMR services
  • Image Enhancement and Recovery Services 

Outsourcing the document digitization task to a mobile team of skillful technicians is beneficial in a number of ways like it ensures 100% accuracy, completeness, and proficiency. But there are a lot of other things to consider before exposing your confidential papers to an outsider.

Here are a few important things to consider before outsourcing for On-site document scanning services.

  • Prioritize Security:

Official documents hold extremely sensitive and confidential information that you cannot just expose to anyone. So, it is always recommended to conduct a background check before hiring a document scanning service expert to get the job done in complete security.

Moreover, it is always worthwhile to constantly monitor the On-site scanning service technician until the job is completed and they have handed over all the original papers to you.

  • Address Their Privacy Policies:

Privacy is crucial when it comes to on-site scanning services. It is always profitable to address the outsourcing company’s privacy policies before you sign a contract with them.

A reputed scanning expert uses screened imaging technicians so your data remains confidential throughout the process. Furthermore, once the documents are transferred to digital formats, you can take control of the files and store them in a secured image hosting archive with advanced encryption features to protect your information.

  • Don’t Scan Everything at Once:

Outsourcing digitization process is convenient but it can be pretty expensive too, especially when you opt for an on-site document scanning service. Moreover, it is always right to prioritize your document’s safety and not expose every crucial document to the technician.

Onsite scanning services gives you the flexibility to archive any inactive file from your document pile in a commercial record system and scan them only when you need them. 

  • Storing Files:

Before going for the scanning services always plan your files storage system. Since your documents are highly sensitive and require extra protection and confidentiality, you should first consider the storage options.

You can store the digital files internally on your server with especially encryption passwords or store them in external hard disks and portable storage devices to keep them safe from any unauthorized access.

Seemingly both options bring some benefits that would make your digital document management program a successful operation like searching data, quick retrieval, easy update, and instant share options.  

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