When deciding to buy or invest in a paint sprayer, there are so many in the market that it gets tough to choose one. There are so many spray machines that have an edge on different features compared to others. In addition to our review on titan 440, titan 640 airless sprayer is the second-best among the titan’s range. Therefore in this article, we will outline the features of the Titan 640 Airless paint sprayer.


Titan impact 640 is an Electric Airless paint sprayer. After titan 440, the next sought-for paint sprayer is titan 640. This sprayer is a mid-range product that gives quality performance and outstanding paint application results.  

The sprayer has been reviewed as a high performance but high maintenance as well by many of its users on Amazon and eBay.

BASIC FEATURES OF TITAN IMPACT 640 – Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

  • Gallon capacity: The titan impact 640 has features that are basically suitable for residential maintenance jobs.  Why? Because the paint sprayer itself is designed to spray up to 75 to 100 gallons a week, Therefore its more suitable for small and medium projects like indoors for your house, or furniture, etc. Although, The gallon capacity of this titan 640 paint sprayer has been upgraded and will keep upgrading with time.

  • Auto-Oiler: The paint sprayer has an auto-oiler push button, that lubricates the materials of the machines. If the button is effectively used, these machines’ life can be expanded much more. Also because of this feature, you don’t need to further invest in conditioner for your machine parts.

  • Tracking LCD: Titan impact 640 comes with a digital tracking screen on the machine,  The screen offers many options for you to use to adjust your paint sprayers setting and use accordingly. It can tell you or have cautionary messages for the paint sprayer to know, For example, if the paint bucket is empty or the heat is too high or the pressure level is too low. This feature is very fascinating and hard to resist, as it can solve many of your problems.

  • Anti-theft Lock: The machine has an anti-theft lock for security purposes. The built-in technology lets you know if the machine is being used by any unwanted person, by letting you put in a security code to unlock the device. Like it or not, the anti-theft lock is a necessity of today.

  • Pusher Valve: The paint sprayer has a surely pusher valve, that makes sure you don’t need a hammer to get rid of anything that might be stuck in your machine.

  • Filter: The paint sprayer comes with a full-sized manifold filter. The filter is important for the maintenance of your product.

  • Quad and packings: The machine has a feature that gets rid of any abrasive coatings, therefore protects the piston from any other damages.

Titan Impact 640 is an efficient paint sprayer that can spray latex, enamel, stains, and lacquers and has built-in technology that helps in the maintenance of your spray gun. It’s a product that has been upgraded with time and the manufacturers have ensures constant updates according to the need for time.


Just like any other product or model of paint, every machine has pros and cons. We have listed down a few below:


  1. The paint sprayer offers maximum durability and efficient performance.
  2. The machine offers compatibility with each painter’s technique and patterns.
  3. Servicing and maintenance are easy.
  4. The bucket changing for paint is easy.
  5. The cleaning up of the spray machine is easy.


  1. It’s a very expensive paint sprayer compared to competitors.
  2. It doesn’t work well with every kind of paint.


The Titan Impact 640 offers three configurations for ease of use. This is a special feature of titan impact 640 and below is a brief overview of all three configuration settings.

    This paint sprayer is perfect for small, residential application of enamel, latex, lacquer, etc.

    This configuration setting works well when the area you are painting is vast and you need the mobility of the spray machine. The machine is pretty flexible and has tires that enable it is moving around. The high rider is recommended when dealing with large surface projects.

    The only problem here is that the machine itself takes up a lot of storage space.

    A low rider version is affordable compared to other models. Mobility is high with this version and its easy to carry around tools with this model.

The titan 640 is comparatively hard to use compared to conventional paint sprayers. It has highly satisfying results and high performance is guaranteed when using this sprayer.

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