Everyone wants to celebrate the born day. Birthday decoration is not a simple task. You have to plan well in advance. If you are setting a birthday party outdoor location you must keep in mind some important things. Like birthday should match the color and scheme of the party. You have to make a beautiful entryway to attract guests. If the decoration is not appealing it does not makes the mood for the party. So here we have pulled out some interesting and very unique decoration ideas for an outdoor birthday party to add some style to your birthday bash. It will transform your simple space into a charming party. So let’s move ahead to topics now.

1) Vibrant Hot Air Balloons Decoration

Floating hot air balloons decoration gives an artsy look to the party. Tie a thread downside the floating hot air balloons to float them in the upside direction. Use colorful hot air balloons to add more color to the party. You can set up the hot air balloons decoration upside the dinner table. Tuck the flower in the hot air balloon matches with the floral decoration of the dinner table. All you need to keep in mind please tie a thread tightly. The hot air balloons just not jazz up the party look but also help in upbringing the mood for the party.

2) Decoration Using Umbrella

Decorate your party premise with vibrant and colorful umbrellas. It gives a whimsical and wonderful look to your party space. Use tons of colorful umbrellas to decorate the entryway. Hang them upside down on the entryway. Or else you can use paper umbrellas to set as a backdrop on the photo booth. Colorful umbrellas are a beautiful and memorable addition for any type of birthday scheme.

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3) Party Lanterns Decoration

Lanterns decoration delights the party premise. Grab some paper lanterns and just hang them down the tree or hang them above the dinner table settings. You can add festivity and color into the party using colorful paper lanterns. The paper lanterns are easily accessible in the market. But if you wish to make it more personal you can use some birthday stickers to pop the birthday spirit on paper lanterns.

4) Lush Floral and Butterfly Decor

It’s a beautiful and whimsical decoration to warmly welcome the honorable guests. You must call a decorator to plan such designer decoration. The built structure then embellished with lush floral and paper butterfly. It’s a girl’s birthday use pink and mild colors decoration and if its birthday boy you can use bold blue color. Unique flower decoration would transform your bare and simple party premise into a fairy wonderland.

5) Splash into a Pool

You can give an aquatic look to your party using bubble balloons. The transparent and blue-tinted balloons decoration creates an aquatic paradise. Use lots of small and big sized clear balloons to create a bubbly water effect. You can also use some paper fish decoration to feel the underwater scheme. Also, hang some bubble bubbles garlands to the ceiling to complete the aquatic look.

6) Make an Outdoor Balloon Arch

Party looks incomplete without balloons decoration. Balloons are available in all sizes, colors, and shapes to give a beautiful structure to your party. Order balloons online, they are easily available in any season to add some festive spirit. Create a beautiful structure on the entryway and then decorate this structure with loads of balloons. Use latex balloons so that they can stay for a long period of time. You can use the color and size of the balloons to match the party scheme.

7) Colorful Honeycombs Balls

Honeycomb balls add life to a simple and bare party. Hang colorful honeycomb balls down the tree, upside the dinner table or use them to create a beautiful centerpiece. They are lightweight and easily fit into every type of adventure party. Make a beautiful garland of honeycomb balls to decorate the entryway. So do not think much, you can use all sizes honeycomb balls to add a splash of color to the party. So there are fun, loving and creative outdoor decoration ideas. You can apply the color and scheme to match the mood of the party. We have mentioned the best outdoor decoration ideas to add fun elements to party time. With so many decoration ideas you are able to decide from where to start. Hopefully, you liked this article and share with others too.

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