You may have decided to invest in a Blue Star AC or any other branded model in India to beat the heat this summer.

However, you may also be thinking of doing away with the idea and instead go for an air cooler owing to proposed higher electricity bills.

If you are concerned about paying more power bills, then you must read this AC buying guide enlisting reasons for AC equipped with new energy efficiency norms. To save power electricity bills, you need to switch to a more energy-efficient cooling system for your home and save big. Yes, it is where the new energy efficiency norms based AC may fit the bills and matter in the longer run.

If you want to know why air conditions equipped with new energy efficiency norms matter, then we are going to enlist a few reasons that will clear the picture for you.

  1. Save on the electricity bill

Did you know that half of the homeowner’s light bill gets generated from air conditioning and heating units? Yes, the power that takes an AC to run during peak summer months may equate to up to 70% of the average monthly bill. Thus, what difference an AC with new energy efficiency norms will make?  You would be able to save anywhere between 20-25% of electricity bills if you decide to buy an AC with new energy norms. Therefore, what will be the small change that will need to be made to curtail higher power bills? All that you would need is installing an air conditioner with new energy efficiency norms.

  • Help the environment you live in

Air conditioners that are nowadays being launched with new energy efficiency norms can also help you contribute towards saving the environment that you live in. It is because an older AC is designed to work on R22 refrigerants and they pose a threat to the Ozone layer – contributing towards global warming. The new lines of ACs, on the other hand, are equipped with R32 refrigerants, which are not threatening to the environment.

  • Lets you breathe in cleaner air

Modern air conditioning systems that have the new energy efficiency norms are excellent in improving the air quality and controlling the level of humidity. It is because they come with advanced dehumidifiers and air filters. This way, the AC helps in protecting the system from possible contaminants and results in fresh and pure air.

  • Quiet operations

The advanced air conditioners that are available in India and come with new energy efficiency norms also work quietly. Unlike older models, they don’t disturb your sleep and let you wake up fresh and raring to go for another day.

  • Longer lifespan

Compared to older AC models across brands in India and elsewhere which takes long hours to cool down a room and strain the entire system, new lines of ACs are better. Not only will you get your room cool within minutes, but it will also not strain the entire system and help save electricity.      

  • Hassle-free temperature control

New AC units with new energy efficiency norms empower you to control temperatures in your home and office efficiently. It is because they are loaded with thermostats that may be programmed and allow users to set the desired temperature and enhance comfort. What’s more, you can also control the temperature of your room even without using the AC remote by using Wi-Fi right from your smartphone. You are now aware of the reasons why the new energy efficiency norms in air conditioners matter so much these days. If you are ready, you can invest in a Blue Star AC and other inverter AC brands as per your needs and budget for the best performance. This way, you may be summer-ready to beat the heat and without worrying about paying higher budget-breaking power bills.

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