1. Laboratory Workbench – Introduction

The research is done on the laboratory workbench which is a kind of a strong table for the carpenter, mechanic, researcher, etc. These are the workplace where the various kinds of scientific research are held. You can call it with different names such as lab bench, laboratory research lab bench, research lab bench, science lab bench or etc. Laboratory bench can also be described as a workbench in a laboratory.

The surface of the laboratory workbench is made of an inert material, and water and fuel sources are mostly nearby or built into the bench. It is mostly used in chemical and biological sciences. It is basically used for storing the lab equipment and is used for the purpose of creating workstations for technicians and students in a scientific lab. In other words, a laboratory workbench is called as a lab bench. And it is a kind of a work table that provides space and surface in which various tests are conducted and also procedures.

  • Categories of Laboratory Workbenches –

Some different types of surfaces comprise of the following – edge-grained maple, self edged laminate, PVC edged laminate, Composite resin wood, Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) laminate, epoxy resin and chemical resistant laminate, stainless steel. Also, the main thing is that it depends on the requirement of the lab or the customer who needs the laboratory workbench. The best part that you will notice about the laboratory workbench is that the surface of the bench can be built with several different materials.

Now, in order to increase the mobility and the ease of use, these benches come equipped with wheels and their load capacity also goes up to 1000 pounds. These benches come with accessories that are industry-specific like epoxy and stainless steel sinks, gas valves and also fume hoods. And just like its surface it also comes in a variety of materials. A laboratory workbench most of the time comes with cabinets that comprise of the drawers and shelves.

  • Additional Features of the Laboratory Workbench -?

The best part about the workbenches is that it comes with a variety of elegances which comprise the following – Ergonomic height which is adjustable, Chemical resistant, Ball transfer surface, Computer stations, Laminar flow stations and much more. They come specifically with an objective to enhance the organization, function, and atmosphere of the areas of production and assembly work areas. There are a variety of laboratory benches including cleanroom benches along with seating, shelving, tables and much more.

  • Places Suitable for the Workbenches –

Some of the companies offer the finest workbenches which include the following areas of work – Military and aerospace, Cleanroom laboratory, Universities, and Electronic assembly. There are many companies that offer industrial furnishing in laboratory workbench which has increased the productivity of the employee and created an improved kind of work atmosphere for the employees.

There are shelves in the laboratory workbench which come in different forms which comprises free-standing- folding or tubular form. Bottom pull out or adjustable top. Common materials that are included in this are high-density polyethylene, metal and also an array of wood. Now laboratory workbench comes with wheels. So, to add more stability these wheels come with heavy-duty casters locking. The laboratory workbench can also be applied in the following areas such as racking system and carts, workstations, trading desk, computer furniture, etc. Its application is wide.

  • Laboratory Workbench –

The laboratory workbench cabinets may be built with powered back guards, corner adaptors, apron filters, modesty panels, filler panels, and apron drawers. There are also different kinds of laboratory bench accessories which include and are not limited to the following such as – Power strips & surge suppression plug strips, Workbench frame plugs & upright sets, Overhead lights & under shelf lights and Footrests & bin box rails and panels.

  • Additional Skins of the Workbench –

The workbench of special material such as granite can also be made available with request. You can also accommodate certain lab needs such as no wood or volatile organic compounds VOCs.If you wish to request the manufacturer will also design the legs of the bench to a certain adjustable height. Now in order to make the laboratory workbench add in the usage of computers, the lab bench may also be equipped with the following such as – LCD holders & monitor holders, computer holders & LAN stations, keyboard trays.

Why You Must Have the Laboratory Workbench in Your Lab – Firstly, for any kind of experimentation especially relating to chemicals, the laboratory workbench is made for it. So, there cannot be any kind of mixture that will be more suitable than these workbenches. Plus, it can also be customized easily for any kind of use.

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