Look over a total line of refrigerators, freezers, and blend refrigerator-freezers intended for general laboratory use. Limits extend from 1.7 to 20 cubic feet. Refrigerator temperatures extend from 2° To 7°C (36° to 45°F); freezer temperatures from – 26° to 0°C (- 15° to 32°F). A few models are accessible in either 120 volts/60 Hz or 240 volts/50 Hz. All models accompany a two-year guarantee. Laboratory Refrigerator Freezer consists of design and innovation components that encourage lab work. For instance, manual defrosting enables the client to control freezer consumption, drying out, and inappropriate defrosting. A laboratory refrigerator freezer can likewise accompany advanced computerized temperature control components.

Here is a list of the laboratory refrigerator freezer mentioned below.

  1. Undercounter Refrigerator

This 5.6 cubic ft. the under-counter unit accompanies 3 movable wire racks and hydraulic powered indoor regulator control. The range of temperature is 2°To 7°C (36° To 45°F).

  • Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerator (1720-54 not appeared)

This refrigerator highlights 5.6 cubic feet of extra space and an advantageously adjustable door which can be conversely introduced to open either to one side or to one side. The cabinet and door are enameled steel, and the ABS plastic liner has adjusted corners for simple cleaning. Both cabinet and door contain foamed in polyurethane protection and a magnetic gasket to give a safe seal and expanded energy savings. Flexible thermostatic control keeps up a temperature range of – 26° to – 15°C (- 15° to 5°F). With rust-proof rack. Manual defrost.

  • Two-Door Laboratory Refrigerator Freezer

This laboratory refrigerator freezer has an autonomous door for both the refrigerator segment and the freezer area. The general limit is 17.9 cubic feet. The range of the refrigerator temperature is adjusted from 0° to 10°C (32° to 50°F); the range of the freezer temperature is adjusted from – 20° to 0°C (- 4° to 32°F). With two customizable racks, and 4 door racks, ABS plastic inside, white enameled steel outside. Automatic defrost.

  • Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerator Freezer

You can utilize this flexible model as either an under-counter inherent or an unsupported unit. The temperature goes in the refrigerator section is from 2° to 7°C (36° to 45°F) and might be set to the ideal temperature by the customizable thermostatic control. The temperature goes in the freezer compartment is from – 15° to 1 °C (5° to 33°F). The freezer compartment has space for eight standard ice plates or for a stockpile of biologicals or synthetic substances of similar volume.

  • Lab Refrigerator Freezers

These units come in 2 arrangements. A 14 cubic-ft. two-door refrigerator freezer highlights pressure-driven thermostatic control and separate “cold airflow” control for the freezer. It incorporates 2 movable racks and automatic defrost.

Freezer: A 20 cubic-ft. upstanding freezer highlights 4 fixed wire racks and 6 door racks and accompanies manual defrost. Temperature extend: 0° to 10°C (refrigerator compartment); – 20°C to 0°C (freezer compartment). Models underneath are 120VAC; 240VAC and explosion-proof models accessible.

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