Hardworking and sincerity are two traits that one must have to pass every challenge of life. However, at times you have to be a little smart; your smartness will take you a long way.

In case you find it hard to score good marks even after studying too hard, then you need to change your study pattern. To help you, here we have curated eight tips to study smartly and score good marks.

1.     Review your Notes

One of the best ways to study intelligently and score good marks is to make sure your notes are complete and review them regularly. Please go through the notes and make sure you understand them well. If you have any doubt, you can ask your teacher the following day. If you do so, you will be able to remember things for longer, and you do not have to cram long lessons before exams. Reviewing your notes regularly helps your brain to remember all the information. Also, it lays a foundation for further education.

2. Do not Cram rather Understand

Cramming might help you to remember your notes for the short term, but it wouldn’t serve you in the long run. On the other hand, if you understand your notes, you would be able to remember it since you know the logic behind it. Even if you forget the exact words of the answer, you would be able to form it on yourself since you would know the particular topic thoroughly. Go through your notes and understand them well. If you find it difficult, ask your teacher to explain it again in the better way so that you can understand it.

3. Use Different Material to Study

Studying from the same notes and books can be monotonous at times. Thus you must refer to as many books and sources you can. At times notes do not have detailed information about the particular topic; in that case, other sources can be beneficial as it will provide depth information about the specific topic. Also, it’s good to read regularly. Reading helps to enhance your knowledge. However, make sure your basics are clear and do not confuse yourself with different references.

4. Take breaks

Studying for more extended periods will make your brain exerted, and you wouldn’t be able to remember things for long. Instead, take small breaks in between and revise whatever you have studied. In this way, you would be able to retain all the information that you have studied for a longer time.

You can study for 40 minutes and take a break of 5 minutes and repeat the same until you cover your course. Also, make sure you exercise and have your meals on time. This, too, will help you remember for longer. To relax your mind in between, you can listen to music and indulge in your favorite activity.

5.  Teach your Friends

A wise man once said as much as you will share the knowledge, it will increase. Teaching your friends can help you understand difficult concepts. Also, while teaching others in a way, you would be revising the particular topic. The more you will teach others, the easier it would be for you to retain the information. While teaching your friends, they will ask questions, and while answering those questions, your knowledge about a particular topic will get strong, and this will help you score good marks.

6. Feel Free to Join Study Groups

Studying alone can be tedious, and you do not have anyone to clear your doubts. Thus, study groups are ideal. There are times when another person can guide you or help you to understand a topic that is otherwise hard for you to understand. Studying in groups also widens your horizons. However, the group should be small, the large it would be, it would not be very easy for you to study.

Also, make sure your groups have intelligent students so that you do not miss any point or information. You can also join online study groups or study courses through TestBook. The platform can help to study for all types of paper. While opting for its services, do use the Testbook promo code to get an extra discount.

7. Timely Test Yourself

Rather than studying for too long, it is better to test yourself. Once you study the entire topic, test yourself. Please go through the set of questions that covers the particular problem that you have covered and answer them. Once done, check the answers for your notes and reference book. In this way, you will get to know how much you are prepared. If there is any particular point that you do not remember, you can revise it and test yourself again. This will also help you to solve your test papers that too on time.

For added information and good marks, you can always consider previous exam papers and check yourself how much you know.

8. Connect with the Topics

You will not be able to understand the particular topic until and unless you get to connect with it. So try to connect yourself with the topic that you are studying, for example, BODMAS, once you know what BODMAS stands for and how it works, you would not have a problem to solve your maths questions you will always find when you have to add and when you have to subtract.

Conclusion: It’s good to be focused and hardworking; however, if you want to score good marks, to must study smartly. First things first stop cramming the lessons instead connect with them and understand them better.

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