Protection and care is something we have been given by nature as an inbuilt quality. Whatever is dear to us we wrap it in extra care and with extra attention, and that is where the whole idea of packaging comes from. Whether it is something as small as a decorative item or as large as a home appliance, the packaging is the only protection we secure them with. The most unique and special feature of packaging is that is manufactured by eco-friendly material.

The product is manufactured under the supervision of highly skilled staff to give their customers something they have always wished for. The peace of mind that your belongings are in safe hands is what packaging does for us. But the question then arises is that what could possibly be the creative ways that may be introduced by a retailor as custom packaging inserts to increase their customer’s loyalty. Why the customer’s loyalty is so important because, no how matter limited or how expanded your business is, the customer’s loyalty is the foundation of success for your business and if your customers are satisfied they will stay loyal to invest in your always.

Therefore, let’s discuss the five most creative and engaging ways that may be adapted to establish long-lasting customer loyalty.

The idea! Let’s first know what packaging insert is and how it is necessary. It is an add on item that a retailer may put into any order before shipping it off to their customer. These inserts are most of the time unexpected but what they do is to create a positive image and convey a goodwill gesture. The best thing about the packaging insert is that it works as the attention grabber without wasting much of the energy of the customer. It speaks for itself and is used as an awareness campaign, provide an added value and as a business promotion. It is a tool for building a long-lasting trust relationship with your customers.

The offer of a discount,

It is the most famous, simple and straightforward means of a packaging insert. You might think that why not email it to all and save time, but, the dark side of an email is that it might end in your customer’s junk mail and they never know about it.

Therefore to make it more likely to attract the loyalty must put it in the box of purchase and ensure it may land in the hands of your customer. So just minimize the probability of being ignored. A few other creative ideas could be an offer of free worldwide shipping in less than a week or a gift card or a coupon with say 30% off on the next purchase or maybe free tickets to movies or any amusement park. This is how you may sell adventure with anything people buy from you.

Sample of any other product,

Inserting a sample of your any other product does a multi-dimensional job for you. First, it is free of cost because you normally get the product sample free form vendor therefore, it’s the best promotional item to use as a packaging insert. 

Second, it will give a broader picture to your customers that what else you are selling and what are the other areas they might be interested to invest in. 

Third, it will carry a message that you wish to establish a long-lasting relation with your customers and that they are valued.

A customized gift,

Gifts have the longest history of casting the spell that binds the receiver with the power of loyalty what any other thing cannot guarantee. Therefore, to bind your customer’s into an eternal relation of loyalty, a small customized gift as an insert would be quite creative.

The gift can be a customized pen, a diary, a mug, a table cloth, a small napkin, a wall hanging or a key ring, a cutlery item or decoration bearing company name to remind them that how nicely they have been treated while doing a purchase from you.

A little thanks or a few nice lines,

It seems just the most usual and small word used in everyday life but the impact it has can never be calculated. A little thank you card or just a few lines of a personalized message is the cheapest way to be used as a packaging insert and attract the loyalty of your customers.

It seems a little time consuming but the long-lasting impact it will have can be initially seen. It will give a feel to your customers that you care for them and they are highly valuable. The best idea would be to address your costumers by their names to give the impression that you remember every one of them.

The valuable feedback,

By requesting a customer’s feedback as an insert you will give your customers the impression that their satisfaction is your priority and that the ultimate goal of your business in no to make money but to keep your customers happy and meet their high standards.

This insert will also let you evaluate yourself that how your business is doing, how does your customer rate you and how much is the room for improvement is there?

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