Carlos Celdran, a Filipino artist once proudly stated, “I believe that Manila can be a reflection of your state of mind. Being a city of extreme contrasts it’s easy to see how it can become an intense personal experience.” As a cultural activist Celdran knew exactly what he was talking about and traveling to the best neighborhoods in Manila is proof to this statement.   

Manila is the capital city of the archipelago country, the Philippines and is filled with marvelous sites for the perfect vacation. Manila is altogether a beautiful city, so the list comprises the best neighborhoods around this gorgeous capital city. 

Entertainment City: The Las Vegas of Manila 

Located in Pasay City is this new world-class entertainment and residential district called Bay City or Entertainment City. This project was built on reclaimed land from the Manila Bay and covers a stretch of 4.9 miles. This Vegas inspired district showcases casinos, amusement parks, resorts, hotels, shopping malls and everything entertainment related. 

Many visit Entertainment City to go shopping at the eleventh largest shopping mall in the world, the Mall of Asia (MOA). Everything you need to be entertained is available here including IMAX theaters and game centers. Right next to the MOA is the Seaside Boulevard famous for its boulevard style set-up. The best time to walk down this 1 mile long beach is during the night as the lights bring the place alive. 

Ermita: The Finance District of Manila 

Among the best neighborhoods in Manila, Ermita is one of the most important finance and education districts in the city. This district is home to some of the greatest universities in the Philippines like Adamson University and Manila Science High School. This area is also the safest in Manila where you can take late night walks around the district.  

Bonifacio Global City: The Urbanized Community in Manila  

Unlike most of Manila, BGC houses the greenest spaces in the city even though it is highly urbanized. The development of BGC was undertaken by one of the most influential families-cum-corporations in the country. BGC is a place for pedestrians with walking pavements set up all around the district. 

You can walk all over BGC and admire the small green spaces with fountains. This district also has a delicious culinary scene with restaurants serving not just authentic Filipino food but other cuisines as well.  

Malate: The Artistic Center of Manila 

Malate is a major region located in central Manila and is famous for its extensive history. Among the best neighborhoods in Manila, Malate is the oldest dating back to 1588. It is a really lively community, reflected by the locals and the tourist sites. This district houses the Malate Church that explains the history of this artistic center. 

The culture exudes at every corner with art exhibits and museums filled with the works of Filipino artists. The art extends to modernism with animation and multimedia exhibits. Malate’s best feature is the marvelous oceanfront of Manila Bay walk. Tourists flock to Malate for its cultural and historical significance.  

Chinatown: Eat Your Way through This Culinary District 

This Chinatown district in Manila is the oldest in the world, thriving with a rich culinary history. Established in the 16th Century, this district burst to fame as one of the biggest commerce centers in the country. The district is inhabited by Manila’s Chinese people who run authentic food joints. 

Locals and tourists flood this area to get a taste of the Chinese-Filipino food. This diversity adds uniqueness to the district filled with eateries and cafes. Chinatown is without a doubt one of the best neighborhoods in Manila to keep that travelers’ tummy satisfied.  The 5 best neighborhoods in Manila are listed above based on their safety and cultural background. Now that you have an idea of all the best neighborhoods to stay in Manila, all that’s left is figuring out transportation. I Eagle is a haven for those who wish to save time while booking flight tickets to the Philippines.

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