When you go out for vacations it is very normal for people to leave their dogs and cats behind with neighbors so they can stay well-fed and cared for. But when you are planning a trip to Georgia Mountainside to enjoy its rustic flavors do bring the dogs along. All cabins here welcome doggies of all breed and sizes. Many local wineries and restaurants also welcome pets. At the log home rental, your pet will receive complimentary treats, a big bed, beach towels, and water and food bowls.

Cabin homes range in size from small 1-bed, 1-bath to large 4-bed and 4-bath rentals in the woods. Some have their hiking trail while others are conveniently built on the banks of a lake or a river so guests can hike or swim and fish without having to leave the property. In the twin towns of Blue Ridge and Ellijay, there is a lot to keep everyone busy. Anglers, hikers, golfers, music lovers, nature lovers, antiques and art collectors like to spend a marvelous time here. 

Many folks come to the North Georgia Mountains with half a dozen fishing and drinking buddies. All they care for is a roof over their heads and the basic comforts so they can enjoy a few days together. For them renting an affordable cabin in Ellijay is not a bad idea. While others either look for a romantic getaway or want an escape from city life. The designer series cabins located in Blue Ridge offer all modern amenities and are perfect for romantic couples. Those who want a taste of the rural life in a natural setting to escape the pressures of city life love to stay near the Blue Ridge and Ellijay attractions. In Blue Ridge, they can enjoy the mountain views while in Ellijay they can partake in white water sports.

Some cabins are so beautiful, spacious and well-appointed that they are no longer cabins instead, they are wood mansions. You can find images and descriptions of cabins on the website of the rental property owners. Whether you are coming for peace or an exciting time on the waters, there is an ideal cabin rental waiting just for you.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a rural part of the country as they are a part of the Appalachian chain. Life here is slower and more relaxing as compared to the larger cities. You can enjoy the big differences between city life and mountain living here. Stay in the mountains to enjoy the outdoors for a few days so your return back home rejuvenated. Go on hikes in the mornings after breakfast, visit the waterfalls to take in the beauty or go fishing for bass and trout. Boating is also a popular activity at the local Marina that you do not want to miss. To pump up some adrenaline try the zip lining tour and to discover more of nature go horseback riding in the forest woods. Before you plan the trip have a look at the Chamber of Commerce website where you will find the maps and the guides. This website has useful information about local businesses, events, and the many things you can do there. If you are traveling with dogs look for pet friendly cabinsTreeborn Lodge is a cabin beauty nestled in Blue Ridge Mountains. It is marvelously decorated and welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes.

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