According to WHO global estimates, more than 650 million people are either overweight or obese. Many doctors and medical experts also consider overweight as one of the biggest reasons for serious health issues like heart attacks, nerve damage, or atrophied muscles.

So, people are now becoming more curious to lose weight and are regularly accessing to gym center or home gym. But in both cases, using the right machine is critical for weight loss. We have listed the best machines that are good for weight loss.



The treadmill is one of the simplest and popular machines in the gym for weight loss. Its High-intensive interval training burns the calories and boosts the metabolism in your comfort zone.

You can walk at a significant incline to burn fat without putting much pressure on your joints. If you want to run on it, raise the slope of the treadmill step by step, like 1 percent before starting running. After 2 minutes you can raise your incline 2 percent and so on. It will make your full body workout and will tone your lower body muscles. Also, with an increase in physical activity, it will improve your circulation and cardiac health.

Step Mill/Stair Master

No matter how fit you are, climbing stairs is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks. Step Mill works like a fast-moving escalator, and it strengthens the muscles, like glutes, quads, and calves. It also keeps your metabolic rate high and your body healthy and toned. The best thing about the treadmill and step mill is that they can be used both at home and in the gym.

Step mill is also known as stair master – offers a high-intensive level workout targeting your thighs, butts, lower legs, and core. The best way to use this machine is to start climbing fast, stop in between, rest for a while, and repeat the workout process.

Elliptical Machine

The elliptical is another best machine to burn calories and lose weight. It might look an easy machine to use, just spinning your legs. But if you raise the resistance level and work at a hard pace, it will leave you breathless. It allows you to get an excellent aerobic workout and strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles.

If you wish to burn more fat and calories in a short time, increase the intensity of your workouts. It not only help you lose body fat but also targets your glutes, quads, chest, back, biceps or triceps, and core muscles. 

Stationary Exercise Bikes



The stationary bike is one of the topmost machines to burn up to 500-1000 calories per hour. This machine is much more affordable and comfortable than treadmills or elliptical trainers. For best results, you can consider joining a spin class or group cycling seasons.

Stationary bikes are also a fantastic choice for individuals as it doesn’t strain your body parts: legs, knees, or lower back as much as walking can do. The great thing about this equipment is you can bike both in the comfort of your home and gym.

If you are looking to buy new Exercise Bikes Brisbane, check out online as newer stationary bike models even offer interval training routines to keep your workouts exciting.

Rowing Machine

Rowing is excellent weight-loss equipment as it engages both your upper and lower body to strengthen your legs, arms, and core. With this machine, you can burn up to 1000 calories. It has a smooth action, an ergonomically designed handle, and a comfortable seat to make the exercise easy.

When you use a rowing machine, start with setting level five and go slow and steady as it is all about using power and control. Overall it is a perfect machine to burn calories and lose weight.

Battle Ropes



Battle ropes are excellent equipment for weight loss and a full workout session. It provides tremendous benefits and burns all your extra fat cells. It also improves your body balance and fantastic for your core. This equipment is an affordable and portable alternative to traditional cardio equipment. It can give you the whole-body benefits which mainly you get from machines like the rowing or the air ski.

For the best results, work on multiple planes of your body – left to right, front to back, and up to down to engage the muscles harder.

Bottom Line

If you want to lose weight, numerous workout machines can help you reach your goals faster. Whether you are looking for a low-impact workout machine or preferring to buy spine exercise bikes, Brisbane, chances are, one of the machines mentioned above would meet your needs. While working on your weight loss program also follow a nutritious diet containing fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices to maintain your energy levels.

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