Dominating the list of best-sellers, some of the best female travel memoirs are absolutely inspiring to read. These will encourage not just women travelers but men as well. Also, we don’t just mean best travel memoirs 2018; there are inspiring female travel memoirs that date all the way back to the early 1990’s and before that as well. If you need that wanderlust in you inspired before making your next trip, read some of these best female travel memoirs. Reading about the thrilling travel experiences of these women will make you plan an exceptionally awesome trip for yourself. You will be inspired to travel a lot more than you already do.

Check out our list of the best female travel memoirs below and find one you’d like to read first. From long and short travel memoirs, we’ve managed to cover all the best ones possible. Find the best selling travel memoirs that call out to the traveler in you!

Most Inspiring Female Travel Memoirs to Read:

Whatever the type of travel you fancy, these best female travel memoirs will inspire the wanderlust in you like no other. Regardless of a planned vacation or an unplanned one on last minute flights, these travel memoirs will inspire women travelers on a whole new level. You can carry your favorite one along to read during the trip as well. In fact, why not start off while waiting at the airport itself instead of needlessly checking your flight status online?

1. All of God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes – Maya Angelou

The iconic Maya Angelou has been one of the most prolific writers ever to inspire people all over the world. This is among the best female travel memoirs you will ever come across. The book chronicles Angelou’s journey to Ghana and the impending struggle to fit in there. It was a continent alien to her and other Black American expats who chose to settle there in the hope to repair some of the damage done by slavery. This is one of the most amazing books about travel and self-discovery one can ever hope to read.

2. Wall to Wall: From Beijing to Berlin by Rail – Mary Morris

Desperately awaiting news of the tragic Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Mary Morris whiles away time at the American Embassy in the 1980’s in Beijing. She remembers stories her grandmother told her as she waits to embark on a train journey that will lead her to Nezhin. The book chronicles her journey, the history of the time, and the effects it all has on Mary as a traveler. She dances delicately around the concept of “home” as she debates the innate need for mankind to travel. Sounds like one of the best female travel memoirs yet?

3. My Life in France – Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme

Ever heard of ‘love at first bite’? Well, if you’re a foodie traveling somewhere on economy or business class flights, this is among the best female travel memoirs for you to read. It’s one of those classic books about finding yourself through travel. When Julia and Paul Child enjoyed a lip-smacking meal in Paris sometime in the 1940’s, it changed Julia’s life. She became obsessed with French food on another level and thence began her journey of becoming one of the most respected and renowned chefs-cum-co-authors of seminal cookbooks. This book is her ode to France, its culture, people, and primarily the cuisine.

4. Almost French – Sarah Turnbull

One of the best adventure memoirs ever, this is among the best female travel memoirs to read if you’re thinking of relocating to a place halfway across the world. Sarah Turnbull, an Australian journalist, moved to Paris a while after she met a Frenchman during one of her trips. In this memoir, she chronicles her journey to the foreign land and the struggles she faced trying to fit in. From learning bits of the language and dressing right for dinner parties to making new friends, Turnbull covers it all. A major highlight in the book is how she deals with homesickness.

5. All Over the Place – Geraldine DeRuiter

This is among the best female travel memoirs that came out in 2017. The Everywhereist was written by DeRuiter when she decided to travel all over the world after getting laid off her job. This book chronicles her travels and experiences during the trips. But this isn’t an all-out travel memoir. What makes this best-seller special is that DeRuiter explores her relationships as well. She talks about her Italian mother, Russian father, and American brother in addition to her beau. She also gives a detailed account of her battle with brain surgery.

These are just some of the many best female travel memoirs you can get your hands on. There are countless more to inspire the wanderlust in you. Find any of these best female travel memoirs you can and give it a read before booking international flights for your next vacation. Henceforth, travel inspired, travel learned, and writes down incredible memoirs of your own!

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