Do you feel suspicious about your employees? Oh, you just have a doubt. Well, the little doubt can kill your mental peace. So, why not let the monitoring software for employees to take away the burden? Isn’t it better to monitor your employees than keep worrying about their intentions and the way they are spending time and resources? TheOneSpy has done complete research, and they understand the way things work and how hectic it can be at times.

So, this particular application is all about giving your stress away and enjoy the peaceful relationship between you and your employees. The app has all the features that will help you monitor employees and know their routine. Learning a routine of your employees in the office is no big deal and it can be unethical.

Even if you are thinking about it as an unethical act, remember that it is for your confidentiality and learning about the integrity of an employee. You cannot hand over confidential information to the person you don’t trust.

So, installing the Employees Monitoring software in all the PC’s of your employees can save you from the worries and doubts.

Common Features of Employee monitoring software

The features of TheOneSpy are exceptional and cater to all the needs of any employer who is suspicious of the behavior of his employees. One thing that you may need to keep in mind is that the software is available for both Mac devices and Windows. So, select the software you need, purchase it within a reasonable price and enjoy the features mentioned below:

1.     Record Screen Activity

By recording the screen activity, you can judge their routine and watch if they are working or wasting time in useless social media sites. So, record their screen activity and learn about their activities.

2.     Listen to surroundings

By bugging the mic of the device, you can so listen to the surroundings. This is the way you will know what are they talking about and if they are cheating on the company or not.

3.     Tamper controls

You can anonymously keep a check on them. Usually, it is done with the new hiring. As the freshers are less trustworthy and you must monitor them to know about their activities and performance in the office. You can collect messages, calls, emails and a lot more through a single app. You can also control the authorizations if someone else is in charge of monitoring the employees. So, they won’t be able to damage someone deliberately.

4.     Block Websites

One of the features of the app allows you to block websites that are the main reason for employees for time-wasting. It can be about the games or social media applications that are nothing, but mindless scrolling.

5.     Easy to view Data

With the software, you can easily access all the data stored on the PC. You can collect data from the hidden folders too.

6.     Remotely uninstall Software

If you don’t have more doubts and all is clear, you can remotely uninstall the app without alarming a person who is using the PC. It can be installed to build trust before assigning them the confidential tasks of the company. So, once you are sure, you have built the trust. You can now uninstall the app if needed.

7.     Monitor Browser history

The browsing history of the employee can reveal a lot about them. So, the feature of the app also allows you to check the history and keep a check on them according to their activities online. You can check which websites are the reason for their low productivity and how you can make them focus on work during office hours.

Wrap Up

The information in the article is enough to convince you why you need monitoring software for employees. There are many other reasons too, and it depends on the kind of monitoring you need in your office.

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