Hotel security is a matter of great importance, not just to the guests, but to the companies as well. To the hotel, their reputation isn’t all about having the latest version of a 5-star gym, or the largest pool. It’s also about the experience that their guests have while staying. And when guests feel like they’re unsafe, then that’s a huge blow to their image.

In the Philippines, Hotel lock systems are very popular, though they mostly appear in high-end hotels. Traditional lock and key hotels still exist, but most hotels are on their way to transition to their more advanced counterpart.

With all the talk about hotel security, how safe are guests really when they stay in a hotel? Here’s how most of them keep safe from mischievous people!

Automated Systems

Though not all automated systems are exactly safe, those made for hotels are some of the most encrypted and secure systems to date. Biometric technology is slowly being integrated for this, but is not yet popular, particularly in the Philippines. However, the common security system makes use of keycards. These keycards serve as the overall access of that guest to most facilities in the hotel, particularly their room.

Without the keycard, they have no control over the elevator, they won’t be allowed in certain areas, and of course, they won’t be able to enter their room.

The keycard basically becomes the lifeline and the central security measure that the guest has control over. And as long as they’re extra careful with their keycard, they won’t have any problem when it comes to security.

Massive Surveillance System

When you stay in a high-end hotel, you’ll find that every inch and every corner of the place is littered with surveillance cameras. The only place without one is your room with respect to every guests’ privacy. Hotels have cameras inside and outside of the hotel. Every hallway and every corner is within range of one of these cameras.

Behind these surveillance systems would usually be two things: an AI that records everything and alerts when illegal actions are done with regard to the surveillance system, and a team that carefully watches for any illicit activities all over the hotel.

The surveillance system acts as a supplement to the already meticulously laid out hotel lock security system. The locks help keep the bad people out of the safe spaces, and if anyone was trying to force their way into a room, the cameras will immediately see this happen and get reported as soon as possible,

Highly Trained Security Personnel

Hotels are very picky with their security staff. They choose only the most competent to be the ones who patrol the inside. Sometimes they have their security staff outsourced from a third party, and although that does have some safety implications of its own, hotels still find ways to make things as secure and safe as possible.

One notable thing is that almost every staff member who patrols the premises are not just bellboys or cleaning staff. Some of them are guard patrols that blend in with the other staff.

Bear in mind that in most hotels you would almost never find guards positioned in an area. They would often be wearing something else, or the usual uniforms of the rest of the staff members. This is to make guests feel that they’re not overly guarded. The more guards there are, the more dread they feel that it’s not really safe.

Personal Information Matters

In the world today, personal identification is everything. Your data is more important than ever. The more people know about you, the more they can try to bring you down. Hotels know this so they uphold their privacy policy very strictly. They will never provide your personal information to anyone without your permission first.

This means, even if it’s a friend of yours or even a family member, without any kind of proof that you are related, hotel staff, will never share your information—that includes your room number, your current situation, etc.

The same goes for all other pieces of information that you provide the hotel. You will always be certain that your information is safe with them during your stay.

Key Takeaway

Going back to the question, are hotels safe from malicious people. The short answer is yes. They have all of the measures to keep these kinds of people out of their workplace. From hotel lock systems to surveillance cameras, to the best security personnel. The best hotels make sure that their guests don’t only feel safe enough to enjoy their time but also are actually safe from any kind of harm. To them, it’s the guests above all else. This line of thinking truly cements that hotels are some of the most passionate companies that really put a focus on the safety of their customers.

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