Printing was one of the major breakthroughs of the society which set the pace of progress centuries ago. Now, with the revolutionary technology to a vast scale, there are speculations that paper production and printing practices cause more harm to the atmosphere and environment than good.

There is no doubt that human practices are hurting the functionality of the ecosystem than causing a threat to the life of earth in the not so distant future. However, printing and paper are not the only culprit behind it and quitting the practice will not resolve the issue. Moreover, most of the fears are just based on myths, which hold no truth to themselves.

This article aims to bust some common myths related to printing and paper production and help you stop believing them now.

Top 4 Groundless Myths about Printing and Use of Paper

The technology has enabled the modern population to go paperless. However, doing so will create a number of problems and is not a permanently feasible option. Though technological advancement provides the ease of use on an immediate basis, still printing and paper use is more popular.

The following are some of the most common, groundless myths about printing and the use of paper as well as the hidden reality behind them.

1.    Paper Is Not Good For Environment

The greatest and widely believed myth is that paper is not good for the environment. The myth stems from the reasoning that papers are produced by cutting the trees, which then reduces their number. Moreover, the decomposition of paper can cause pollution.

The reality is that papers are among one of the most sustainable products. It can be recycled again and again, which does not require cutting too many trees.

2.    E-Documents Are Better

Another commonly believed myth is that the e-documents are better. The technology surely takes care of the ease of the users and helps them avoid the hassle of carrying and organizing piles of paper records. However, it cannot match the feasibility of the papers.

The reality is that important records cannot be trusted with e-documentation but with papers. Nowadays, malicious attacks can wipe out important data in seconds which cannot be recovered. So, going paperless will only cause hassle and immense loss.

3.    Only Recycled Paper Should Be Used

Another widely believed myth is that only recycled paper should be used in the printing process. People believe that it will improve the lifecycle of the paper and help avoid pollution due to decomposition.

However, the reality is that a little amount of new paper fiber is essential to improve the lifecycle of sustainable papers. It improves the quality of paper, and ensures effectiveness in recycling.

4.    Papers Disposition Cause Greenhouse Gases

The supporters of technological advancement believe that paper disposition causes greenhouse gases. These gases deplete the ozone layer, cause a number of skin issues to humanity and decrease the age of years of earth. Therefore, paper use should be abandoned.

The reality is that technological waste causes more harm to the atmosphere by emitting more greenhouse gases. Paper is recyclable; however, the e-reading gadgets are not. They just add solid waste to the planet. So abandoning the use of papers will only worsen the situation.

So, what is the solution?

The use of paper cannot be avoided. However, printing practices can be improved to save the planet. The Middle Eastern countries are already supporting the initiative of not going paperless but refining the practice. The solution is adopting high-quality printing devices.

If you want to support the issue, you can also acquire the services of Xerox UAE based companies and invest in the mist efficient devices. You can ensure to use the products which use less paper, is Environment-Friendly and Sustainable. So, play your role in saving the atmosphere by trusting the right devices and not believing the groundless myths.

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