The Acne Scars are very frustrating and embarrassing for a person. To deal with the acne scars a person must know about the causes of acne, there stages, and mistakes we make in everyday life.

What causes acne? The pores on the surface of the skin that are the openings of sebaceous glands on the epidermal skin become clogged with oil dead skin cells and bacteria. A follicle opens on to the surface through these pores. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum that keeps the skin lubricated and soft. Many reasons because that lead to produce an excess of sebum. The successor will pick up bacteria named P acnes that are the main cause of acne and pimples full stop the bacteria clumps together and the plug is formed full stop acne can be seen on face back neck chest and arms and buttocks too. On the face, they are commonly seen on cheeks forehead Chin and jawline.

Major causes of acne

Hormones- acne vulgaris is directly related to the rise of androgen hormone levels in the body. The acne is caused by hormonal changes in teenagers. The oil glands underneath the skin secrete oil in a large quantity when the androgen level rises. They produce an increased level of oils commonly called sebum.

The role of genetics- genes play a significant role in being the reason for acne. They contribute to skin sensitivity. The skin that is prone to acne produces more oil and shades and regenerate skin cells faster. Can acne-prone skin show an inflammatory response to irritants that affect the skin?

People make many mistakes while buying a scar removal face wash from the market. They choose the wrong cleanser. A person should read the active ingredients mentioned on the label of the face wash. People harm the skin by washing too often with the face wash. They wash their face by using a wrong water temperature that harms the skin. Exfoliating the skin too much also harms the skin. Rubbing the face with a towel harshly also aggravates the skin condition.

Diet affects acne- self-raised lean meats and fresh plant foods prevent the outburst of acne. That composed of starch and refined sugar may be the reason for acne.

Dairy products- there is a high level of hormones found in milk products the milk consumed by people comes from pregnant cows who pumper hormone called progesterone that is passed into the milk. This hormone stimulates the oil glands to produce more sebum that affects acne to stop there has been a connection between acne and vitamin A present in milk.

Chocolates and acne- the chocolate consumption flares up both inflammatory and non-inflammatory pimple lesions.

Effects of iodine- the people who consume seafood and iodized salt have triggered flare-ups of acne.

Greasy foods- people who consume greasy foods have higher chances of acne as oil attached to the skin and clog the hair follicles.

Best scar removal face wash contains glycolic acid salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These active ingredients play a significant role in lightening the scars and keeping the skin smooth and supple.

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