Many people will look at Victoria Falls on the map and think it’s a small town and it really won’t matter where you book your accommodation but I want to share with you today some tips that will show that this isn’t true. You still need to do some research and book a suitable location to ensure you have the best possible time in Victoria Falls.

Before I go ahead and reveal some of the important factors you should consider before booking your accommodation in Victoria Falls I wanted to take the time to introduce myself. After all, why would you take travel tips from someone you don’t know right? I’m Brodie and right now I run the travel blog Aussieinwanderlust. I have been a travel blogger in Australia for the past 2 and a bit years and have currently managed to visit over 40 countries across 5 different continents. I have actually visited Victoria Falls and some wider African countries and communities so the tips I’m about to share are things I learnt first hand while travelling there myself.

Ok, now back to the tips you can use to ensure you have the best hotel for your own Victoria Falls adventure.

  • Ensure you are close to the main street of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is only a small place as mentioned above but it can be described as being spread out. The main street of the town has all the locations you are likely to need so it makes sense to stay close by. It is also a lot safer than having to return through dark streets late at night after enjoying an evening meal at a nearby restaurant.

  • Pay and book your accommodation in advance

Cash is in short supply throughout the country of Zimbabwe. Unfortunately thanks to some questionable leadership from the latest prime ministers this problem isn’t likely to be solved anytime soon.

The best thing you can do while travelling in Zimbabwe is to use your bank card at all times where possible, especially for transactions such as hotel accommodation. An extra tip is to ensure you get enough cash to last your trip in Zimbabwe prior to arriving in the country, either at the airport or your local bank before you depart is a good idea.

  • Find somewhere with a swimming pool

Victoria Falls can get hot and humid depending on the time of year you plan your trip. So having a swimming pool close and handy at your accommodation is a really nice option. A lot of the hotels in the area have a swimming pool on-site and it generally doesn’t mean that the price of your hotel is going to rise too much, if at all.

The other reason it is a good idea is that you are likely to have some pretty exhausting days while you’re in Victoria Falls. Activities such as rafting, devils pool, canoeing and much more will test you physically so a day during your vacation might be best just relaxing by the pool.

  • Read recent reviews of the property from past guests

This is a golden rule no matter where you are looking to book accommodation. Check out some recent reviews and comments from past guests on sights like or TripAdvisor. Just because accommodation was great one year ago doesn’t mean it still is now. The rooms could be getting old, management might have changed etc. Always check out some reviews before booking anywhere.

  • Get air conditioning in your room

As I mentioned before with the pool the weather in Victoria Falls can become hot. Likewise, during winter the evenings and nights can cool down significantly so it is a nice extra to have for all seasons.

There is nothing worse than being unable to sleep because you are uncomfortable with the conditions in your bedroom.

  • Ensure you are within walking distance of Victoria Falls

This is a really nice thing to ensure as the main reason you are probably interested in visiting Victoria Falls is to witness one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is unlike anything you can imagine when you first witness them. Staying close not only allows you the chance to easily visit without having to rely on taxi’s but also ensures you can stay as long as you want at the waterfalls without having to rush back before it gets dark.

  • Find somewhere that assists with booking tours

If you are staying for a few days in Victoria Falls then you will surely want to do some of the extra activities available. It really is like a playground with all the options on offer. You can choose from sunset cruises, white-water rafting, bungee jumping, safaris and much more.

If your accommodation organises these tours you can get picked up easily right from your accommodation, you can ensure that these tours can be paid for with your bank card rather than your valuable cash and you can ensure the activity is up to standard.

  • Have accommodation that includes a restaurant option

This is a little like the swimming pool option. It is by no means completely essential but it is a nice extra to have if you can find it. Some of your days exploring the nearby area of Victoria Falls is likely to belong and at times exhausting. It is my no means your typical relaxing beachside holiday when you visit here.

The activities will keep you busy, make you tired and the option of eating close to your bed will be a real bonus.

  • Ensure it has a shuttle service to and from the airport

The Victoria Falls airport is around 30km away from the main town area so it will be essential to either organise a taxi yourself or have the luxury of knowing that a shuttle bus or private transport option is going to be waiting for you at the airport on arrival or ready to transport you to the airport when your holiday comes to an end.

Having the airport shuttle is also much cheaper than renting a taxi as well.

  1. My recommendation for your accommodation in Victoria Falls

With all the above accommodation tips taken into account, I have a clear favourite hotel option that I found while staying at Victoria Falls. It ticks all of the boxes for the tips I have listed above and best of all it has many different room styles depending on your budget. This hotel is called Shearwater Explorers Village.

If you are backpacking through Africa then you will really enjoy the option of saving some travel funds by staying in the pre-made tents. This will ensure you still get access to a swimming pool, onsite restaurant and all the other bonus besides the air-conditioning. If you are looking for extra comforts they have a twin and double rooms as well as chalet styled rooms.

I hope these suggestions assist you in finding the best accommodation option for your holiday to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. If you are looking for extra information in regards to when to travel to Victoria Falls, what activities you should include while there or a list of the best restaurants be sure to find my Victoria Falls Guide on my travel website.

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