Nowadays, customized bobbleheads are popular and perfect present to give for any special events or holiday seasons. These are made by professional and gifted sculptors in their own field of expertise. You might be wishing to include bobbleheads in your wishlist gifts to make someone special on a specific occasion or happening. With a surprise thinking from the ones you loved, truly it will make their day something special, and that will make them, even more, happier.

It is a unique idea to buy popular bobbleheads as a gift for all kinds of occasions. Before you choose a specific bobblehead to buy, you should keep in mind the following tips:

Type of Body

The fully customized body and the standard customized body are the two categories that are used when choosing bobblehead bodies. The former is formed with a new bobblehead designed and styled by the buyer according to what exactly is needed. While the latter category is based on the buyer’s purpose for a specific model like the wedding of a couple, a parents’ couple figure, celebrities, sports players, artists or other important figures and common people for whom they are represented. 

Other Things or Accessories must also be Considered

Adding more features to make your bobblehead unique and creative is also useful in designing it.

You can tell the professional sculptor to consider an additional mark that you want to attach into your bobblehead to give the perfect doll you desire as it fits for its use.

Remember also that additional charges will apply according to the level of quality of the bobblehead you ask for.

The Steps of making the Customized Bobblehead

A lot of bobblehead custom vendors are operating as e-commerce firms that are found everywhere. They are taking advantage of their prospective customers who will buy for the first time whom they might scam.

These suspicious dealers have no exact address or marketplace to deal with but will ask an additional payment for a simple design to be included in the full body.

Business enterprises of these careless dealers are the principal cause of why you need to verify the procedure of work done for your customized bobblehead to attest to the quality of material used.

Quality of Materials Used

Polyresin and vivid color polymer clay are long-lasting material used for quality Custom Bobblehead dolls. The sculptor will use the polyresin material which has a feature that will enable him to use it with a high level of finishing and proper framing. While the polymer clay will make the design of the customized finished product more vivid and clear, both materials are applicable, but polyresin is still the excellent one used in manufacturing when it comes to making quality bobblehead dolls.

These two materials are both equally cheaper, however, some manufacturing companies choose to make use of polymer bonded clay since it has a little management time yet very delicate. It is up to you to decide which one you select that best suits its use.

Aside from that, plastic is used commonly due to the demand for the market of the popular bobblehead dolls. This material is so effortless that it can be formed according to the given model’s face, posture or gesture, and clothes. If there is an order, a particular picture will be utilized as a basis when the professional sculptor carves or craft it by hand.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to ask for a detailed explanation of the process and the materials used to guarantee that the quality you paid for is met.

Base Selection

It is important to note that a base for bobblehead is good. You can opt to have your bobblehead stand on a larger plate or a custom base like a car, a motorcycle, a bike, animal, quote, text, and the like.

Remember also that you will have to pay more and the pricing depends on the degree of base customization.

Using it wisely, you will let your gift or present more creatively attractive for that special someone or for the use of your business and will be surely much appreciated.  Note: You decide whether you approve, reject or request changes to your customize bobblehead.

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