Sitting in a bistro or café with a steaming cup of coffee with a suspense novel in your hand is the perfect way to start your day with, right? If you take a walk early in the morning (and by early let’s just say it is 10 am) you can literally smell coffee beans burning and grinding while you walk past by coffee shops. The aroma of coffee becking call for any coffee lover.

It’s hard to sustain without something consuming mugs of coffee for a day especially if you have a love relationship with the bitter taste of coffee beans. The rich, strong essence is what makes tasting all so much better, but a coffee shop plays a huge role in it too.

Even when you travel you need caffeine sustenance

Getting ready for a road trip is an impossible feat without the right dose of coffee running in your veins. Ontario is a fascinating province that lets you take a road trip with ease. You will find more coffee shops here than you can imagine.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy your dose of coffee without any rush, we just know the place that might do the trick for you;

·        Best of Red Brick Café, Guelph

Without a single doubt in mind, you have to try this place. Listen to live music and a cup of coffee in your hands, it’s just picture-perfect moment from a Hollywood movie. This loft-style café is located in Guelph, with local art displayed on the walls, you can walk in any time of the day and order your usual or try something new.

When traveling to the town on Guelph airport limo you can make a quick pit stop and order the coffee. Café doors are always open to the public. 

·        Juniper Café, Kingston

If you love the taste of handmade goodness and a warm cozy place to take small sips from a coffee mug, this place is made for you. The charismatic interior with the outside scenic view of the lake, you will be surprised how much this place can imprint you.

The hanging plants and wooden tables give it the country kind of feel making people feel more comfortable here. If you want to catch up with your work on a road trip, just sit backorder the coffee and some salad while your fingers play on the keys of the laptop.

·        Bobbette and Belle, Toronto

Of course, how Toronto can be left behind when you talk about coffee shops? This café is famous for its French macaroon, wedding cakes and of course a hot steaming cup of coffee. the baking confections added with the hot beverage makes a perfect blend to try.

Toronto will always offer the best of all, so do visit the coffee house and you can take a breather from your road trip.


The first cardinal rule of traveling is that you need to make stops at intervals during your trips. Or even if you plan to spend a quiet day, you can sit inside and relax for a while.

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