Australia attracts a large sum of students from all over the planet like a magnet there are a lot of factors that make Australia some of the best places to get a quality education. Here we will discuss some facts that show why one must choose Australia for studies:

  • Australia has some of the finest institutions on the whole planet that are famous for providing the best and quality education to its students. These institutions offer many different courses, degrees, and training in thousands of different disciplines. So whether you are planning to study something famous or want to experiment with some new subject, Australia is a good option in both cases.
  • Many Australian universities are present in the list of top hundred universities in the world. This fact shows that Australia no doubt provides the best world-class education and its degrees are recognized everywhere around the globe.
  • Australia is also famous for giving many scholarships and grants to international students. Some of these scholarships cover tuition and some cover both tuition and living. These scholarships are offered by different institutions like by the Australian government, the university one has applied in or by the embassy in the student’s original country. These grants help international students to gain the best education at more affordable price.
  • Australian educational system is often compared to the system of education in America and the USA due to their similarities in the quality of education provided by them. But if you compare the cost of Studying in Australia with the cost of studying in countries like USA and UK, you will get to know that Australian education cost is much more affordable then other countries. This is why if you need world-class education at a very sane price then no other option can beat Australia.

We are sure that the above-discussed facts are enough to prove that why Australia is an international student paradise.

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What visa does an international student need?

An international student needs an Australian study visa for coming to Australia and getting an education there. This visa is called the study visa subclass 500. This visa allows its holder student to come to Australia and study the course in which he or she is enrolled in. this visa also enables the student to work part-time. One can work a maximum of 40 hours in 15 days. This visa also has no restrictions on travel. One can travel to or from Australia anytime they want.

How can a student get this visa?

To apply for a student visa one must go through following steps:

  • Get enrolled in an eligible course in an Australian educational institution. From that institution, you will get a COE that is a certificate of enrollment.
  • Then you need to create an online account on the Australia immigration website
  • One must have the scanned copies of all the documents that are required by the authorities like COE, past educational degrees, medical insurance, etc.
  • Fill the student visa form on the website and attach all the required documents.
  • Submit the fee
  • Lodge the application

This is how one can apply for an Australian study visa but I should be kept in mind that one small mistake in this process can lead to the rejection of the application. This where a certified visa consultancy company can help you. The Migration is an Australian firm that is working 24/7 to help you with all your visa needs. We provide authentic advice for all Australian visas like parent visa Australia, study visa Australia and every other Australian visa type. So if you are troubled by any Australian visa type to give our migration agent a call.


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