Magnetic closure rigid boxes are a source of relief for all the retailers out there who are worried about the safekeeping of their valuable and expensive products at the same time, they are being displayed to the customers to be sold. They are made out of rigid cardboard that lends durability to the products that it holds inside of it. They can be styled into any size or style that the consumer may want to have for their products. They can be custom printed with the latest printing techniques that make them further attractive for the customers. They are exclusively utilized for the packaging of fragile items that require an extra protective packaging.

Packaging in New Style

With the increasing amount of packaging styles being daily introduced into the packaging world, product manufacturers are facing difficulties in choosing which packaging style would best fit their products. It is always beneficial to keep your product’s essential requirements at priority, along with following the market trends when you are to choose the most adequate packaging style for your merchandise. When it comes to fragile items, magnetic closure rigid boxes have their own eminent reputation for the safekeeping of delicate objects along with collapsible boxes. Let us elaborate both of them in detail to find out which one suits best according to the requirements of the retail market.

Collapsible boxes;

As their name tells their story, collapsible boxes are the ones that collapse from their actual shape into a flat form to provide added benefits to their consumers. These boxes are considered to be the best and the most productive style of packaging for delicate items when they are supposed to be shipped out to far off places in particular. The fact that they can be collapsed from their original shapes makes them much more affordable for the product manufacturers since they can get them at considerably reduced shipping rates. They also eliminate storage concerns for retailers since they can be collapsed and stored at rather tight storage spaces as well. One of the fun facts about collapsible boxes is that they also have a magnetic mechanism in them. Their side’s snap-lock into each other with the help of integrated magnets that are crafted into their manufacturing boards. That is why we can say that magnetic boxes are a sub-category of the collapsible style of packaging. Collapsible packaging is ideally preferred for the packaging of gift items since it can be folded and stored easily, giving the benefit to the gift receiver to retain the beautifully designed packaging with them along with the gifted items. However, their usage is not limited to gift items only. Certain valuables and retail items are also productively using them for their sales and safekeeping.

Magnetic packaging:

This type of packaging boxes is also known as flip top boxes with magnetic catch. They have a magnetic mechanism of closure. The magnets are carefully integrated into their design so that it does not pop out and show its presence. Instead, the snapping of the magnets is what indicates the consumer that there is a magnet included in the box. Custom magnetic boxes have almost become a trademark packaging for perfumes and exclusive jewelry items such as rings and earrings. They are most commonly made out of a single sheet of rigid cardboard that has a magnet integrated at the start and endpoint. The sheet is folded into a box shape in such a way that the ending part of the cardboard sheet snaps into the starting point. Thus joining the two magnets to attain its actual shape while providing premium closure and foolproof security to the products that may be placed inside of it.

Packaging for Luxury Product

Magnetic packaging boxes have an added persona of luxury and extravagance. They essentially give out a sober and expensive feel to the product that they carry. Whenever customers witness such type of packaging placed on a market aisle, they instinctively assume that they may be carrying a product that is expensive and more worthy than the rest. This may be because of the fact that this style of packaging is a little bit costly as compared to the collapsible style of packaging boxes. The major drawback of flip top boxes with magnetic catch is that they cannot be reduced into a flat shape from their original form. They remain as they are manufactured from the start to the end. They take up a substantial amount of space when they are shipped. So their freight rates are also excessive as compared to other packaging styles. Therefore, product manufacturers use them for the packaging of only those items that themselves have an extravagant nature, and that can compel users to spend an extra amount of money on their purchase.

Which one is best?

One comes out of the other, so it is not very easy to establish which type of packaging is best in terms of quality and attributes. However, by reading the details about each of them as mentioned above, we can emphatically say that it would be best for the market world to use magnetic closure boxes only for the packaging of expensive items. This will save them from a lot of concerns, namely regarding costly shipping, additional storage space, and also necessity pf ample display areas. Collapsible packaging, on the other hand, could be utilized with a free hand since it offers a cost-effective shipping and a convenient storage opportunity.

The market trends swing with the consumer’s buying behaviors. Retailers should keep a keen observation of what people prefer to buy at what specific time of the year and carefully decide which product to present to them in a lavish manner and which one they should feel free to buy. Either way, both of these packaging styles are best at doing what they are supposed to do in their own discreet ways.


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