Umrah is one of the essential events for any Muslim in their life. It requires a lot of strength and energy to perform every ritual of Umrah in the right way. However, being at the correct type of Hotel depending on your budget will make it much easier to complete all the rituals easily.

It all depends on your budget because the nearest hotels in the holy places tend to be much expensive for you.

Whether you are going alone or with family, it all depends on whether you want them to be on the far hotels or you can afford the nearest hotels for yourself.

However, taking your old parents, who are not as healthy to walk around to the far Hotels from holy places, would be the wrong decision for you.

If you are traveling or along or with family, having the right information about the top hotels in both Mecca and Madinah would become much good and affordable for you during your visit.

However, if you are booking your Umrah from a travel app in Pakistan, you should also need to ask about the hotel details in advance.

If you are not much aware of such things, today, you will get to know about the details of top hotels for both Mecca and Madinah, which will give you much idea when you are trying to plan your future Umrah with any booking app in Pakistan.

The list will cover the top 3 hotels of Mecca and Madina based on the meter of distance so that the article can become beneficial for all types of people.

Top Hotels in Mecca:

Nada Al Mezaab:

The Hotel is very affordable and best for all those who are either coming alone or with friends. If you have a young family and they are much active to hang around, then this would be the best Hotel for you that is almost 900 meters to 1 kilometer away from Masjid-al-Haram.

The Masjid Al-Haram itself is spread across 200 meters of Place, so you could assume it as around 1.2 km distance in general.

You can easily travel hardly 7 to 10 minutes on the car to cover both distances. If we talk about the restaurants, then there are a variety of cuisines you can have near the Nada Al mezaab hotel, including the Pakistani Restaurant.

Safwa-al-Mead Hotel Makkah:

Safwa-al-mead hotel in Makkah is one of the best hotels to stay for your Umrah Visit. The Hotel is 3.2km away from the Masjid al-haram, and the routes you cover via Ajyad St and Ibrahim al Khalil road makes it a 10-minute drive for you.

However, if you can cover the distance by walking, then it takes around 30 minutes approximately to reach Masjid al-haram. The rates of this Hotel are pretty reasonable for everyone.

If we talk about the restaurants, so you will have numerous type of cuisines nearby to this Hotel, including a Pakistani restaurant to keep the essence of Pakistani taste during the Umrah visit.

Basma Ezam Hotel:

If you are going to perform Umrah with your old parents, then this Place would be the lifesaver for you. Because it’s situated just 900 meters away from Masjid al-Haram. You can easily take your parents to the Place via private car in only 8 minutes.

However, if you are coming here with your young family or friends, then it will take only 10 minutes’ walking distance to cover between these places.

On your stay in the Basma Ezam hotel, you will easily find some good Pakistani restaurants and the famous Al-baik near to this Hotel. It’s worth it to live near this Place when staying in Mecca.

Top Hotels in Madina:

Dura Meezab Hotel:

Dura Meezab Hotel is one of the Best Places to stay during your Umrah Visit in Madina. It has some fantastic facilities at an affordable rate. The shortest distance between Dura Meezab hotel and Masjid-an-Nabwi is approximately 700 meters.

It means you can easily stay in this Hotel with your parents, other families, and Friends when coming for Umrah. It has some fantastic and tasty restaurants available between the distance, including some excellent Arabic and Pakistani cuisine restaurants.

Concorde Hotel Dar Al Khair:

Dar Al Kher is one of the hotels nearest to Masjid-an-nabwi. It will be an ideal hotel for you if you are traveling along with your parents for Umrah Visit in Madinah. The ambiance and facilities of this Hotel are suitable for every age group.

If we talk about the distance, so it’s just 1.1 km away from Masjid-an-nabwi through a private car. However, the walking distance based on three different routes takes 500 meters, 600 meters, and 700 meters to cover.

If you are traveling along with your friends, then it’s much considerably to cover the route through walk as well.

If we talk about restaurants, so you can experience a variety of foods when walking around this area. The area has some fantastic Arabic and Pakistan restaurants for dine-in and takeaway.

Saraya Taba Hotel:

Saraya Taba Hotel has one of the friendliest staff and security for the customers. You can have a beautiful view of the Hotel and would live very near to the Masjid-an-nabwi.

The food they offer is good in quality and taste. But, if you are considering to eat from some nearby restaurants, then there is a lot you can find from nearby restaurants.

Whether you want an Arabic restaurant or Pakistani, you can eat them through a walking distance from your Hotel.

The overall ratings from the old customers are good, so it would be a considerable place to stay along with your family.

If talking about the distance, so you can easily reach to masjid-an-nabwi through a private car in just 3 minutes.

The walking distance takes almost 5 to 10 minutes for reaching to your Hotel and masjid-an-nabwi. So, it’s much considerably when going along with your friends.


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