Getting ready for an event is a long process, especially when you have to be looking your very best at every function, especially a family one. Picking out a saree for an event to attend can be a troubling thought, trying to plan out your hairstyle to perfectly match with your outfit is another stressful and difficult decision for any woman.

Selecting the right hairstyle depends on a number of factors, saree design, blouse design, face shape, and the most important one is what type of hair you have. Picking the wrong hairstyle may be your downfall and can completely throw off your entire look, so choose wisely to avoid a fashion faux pas.

Here we will have a look at what hairstyle suits certain types of hair, short, medium, or even longer length hair, we have the answers right here.

1) Loose soft curls

This style is best suited for sarees made from delicate saree fabrics such as chiffon. Loose soft curls are for women who have short to medium length hair. These bouncy locks will make you look elegant and require little time to set the look. Go ahead and use a curling iron or even just curlers to get bigger curls. You can make the curls big or small depending on what suits you.

2) Fairy tale curls

An option for women who have long locks is the Fairytale curl. This offers smaller curls along the entire length of the hair. Get this look by using a curling iron and curling small portions of hair till the hair remains in curls. This a great idea if you want a simple style that does not require too much work. The fairytale curls are sure to make any look regal and classy.

3) Wrap around curls

If you want curls and do not want to tie them up this is the look for you. The hair is heavily curled to make small ring like shapes and is also called ringlet curls for this reason. The curled hair is then allowed to fall on the front of the shoulder on one side and is a great option for women with medium to short hair.

4) Beach waves

This hairstyle is for women who want effortless curls without having to go through the full process as it is time-consuming. Beach waves are a slightly curly look and give an impression that you just got off a beach and let your hair dry off itself. This is a great simple look to pair with a saree for simple events. Many actresses choose this look for its simplicity.

5) End curls

In this style, the hair is left loose and the ends of the hair are curled to give it a two-dimensional look. It looks best on longer hair and the curls can be made to start off small and end in larger curls right at the bottom. You can also use hair accessories to add some oomph to the top half of the hair.

6) Messy curly bun

A hairstyle that has stood the test of time is the bun. This stylish hairstyle can be achieved by curling your hair beforehand and then simply making a bun with the hair, this style makes the hair look voluminous and modern. Be sure to clip back your hair on either side as it gives a cleaner look or if you want a rougher look go ahead and leave some hair overhanging your eyes on one side.

7) Braid with curly hair

The braid is a classic hairstyle that has been reinvented and revamped according to fashion. The braid we are concerned with is one in which the curly hair actually adds extra visual effects to the braid itself. hair is braided like a normal braid except that it is not so tight and is left more on a looser side. This look is stunning and you can even use flowers to take this look to another level.

8) Curly ponytail

For girls that have extra long hair this an option to consider as it shows off your lush locks in the best way possible. This casual hairstyle is the best pairing for a low scale occasion and is more of a modern hairstyle than a traditional one so it is best to avoid this hairstyle for a wedding or traditional event. Leave the ponytail in the front if you do not have very long hair, if not leave it behind it will look dashing either way.

9) Side-swept curls

This is another modern looking hairstyle that is a great choice for any hair type and length also it is wearable to any kind of occasion with little time consumption. All you have to do is slightly curl your hair and then sweep it to one side.

Try to apply a hairspray or a suitable gel to keep the hair in place during the duration of the event. You will love this effortless look and all onlookers will love it to. This is the best way to show off your hair and your matching accessories.

With such an array of stylish hairstyles to lay emphasis on your hair, you will be sure to look fabulous regardless of the occasion. Guests will gush over your hair and forget everything else happening around them and focus on you.

Whether you have short, medium, or long thick hair there is an option for all women who do not want to forget about their hair, I mean, wearing a beautiful saree with matching shoes and makeup and then leaving your hair left unattended can call for some harsh criticism.

So do not forget to give your hair some TLC even if it means fast curling them for the beach wave look or just the ends for an interesting end curled look. Orchestrating your look will now be easier and hopefully less stressful so that you can go out and enjoy yourself. If you like these hairstyles and want to try out on sarees and want to buy sarees then I would suggest you to Indian Sarees Online In USA if you are from usa or any other country it will save your money.


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