Pinterest is one of the most famous websites when looking for ideas relating to clothes, home décor, cellphone wallpapers, education boards, and whatnot. It’s similar to Instagram, just better. The images on Pinterest, commonly known as pins,   spread wide over your screen with the categories selected.

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These categories are displayed when someone registers on the website, it is the second step in which the user decides the type of content they want to be displayed. These can include dresses, celebrities, food recipes, and many more.

Approximately 30% of the users are known to select the educational boards’ option, and if you’re one the people looking for the most creative education boards and pinners on Pinterest, here’s a compilation in one place.

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7 Must-Follow Education Boards & Pinners on Pinterest. 1

1.      Education World. 1

2.      Teachers on Pinterest. 2

3.      Edutopia. 2

4.      National Educators Association (NEA). 3

5.      Pinterest Educators. 4

6.      Charity Preston. 5

7.      Bonnie Kathryn Kinders and Beyond. 5

Conclusion: 5

7 Must-Follow Education Boards & Pinners on Pinterest

1.     Education World.

A 2019 study conducted by cheap essay writing service online UK found that listening to podcasts among children aged 12-14 has increased by 48% during 2017-2019, and so, Education World presented the idea of using podcasts in classrooms.

This pinner shows how podcasts can be used in classrooms to provide extra information about a topic being studied in the classroom. Students can even be asked to make their own podcasts on a specific topic such as the harmful effects of smoking, climate change how it’s affecting our world today or something about world history such as Hitler’s policies. This would be different than the average assignments given in schools thus, making it more interesting for students to do.

2.     Teachers on Pinterest.

This account is made by Pinterest itself to accumulate a set of education boards together. This specifically targets education and includes a series of education boards, each handled by a teacher who is known for her creativity and her unique ideas for the education community. These teachers are sometimes handpicked by the Pinterest team itself. It is open to other imaginative and artistic ideas that can be contributed by any teacher too.

These boards have a wide variety of ideas for classroom boards to be visually appealing, tips to create effective lesson plans and lots more.

Free history simulation activity for the middle school and high social studies classroom and homeschoolers. This social studies simulation game will help students better understand what soldiers faced during World War 2, specifically the Battle of Iwo Jima. This blog post includes why simulations are beneficial, tips on how to create your own simulation game, and how to use simulation activities in the secondary classroom and and homeschooling. #brainyapples #simulations #socialstudies #history

3.     Edutopia.

If you’re an elementary school teacher, you must have searched up Edutopia whenever you felt completely blocked out of new ideas. For those who haven’t, Edutopia is one of the most well-known boards to provide assistance in making creative education boards. With over 84,000 followers, Edutopia renders multiple resources for teachers, helping them practice social-emotional learning, design thinking, use of digital means in classrooms and much more.

And so, head over to their education board to free your mind from an idea block and find innovative ideas to improve the classroom experience for the students. Here are a few examples of Eutopia’s pins.

New to teaching? Find more practical tips and strategies on our website.
Personalization factors like flexibility and student ownership account for over a quarter of the academic improvement attributed to classroom design.

4.     National Educators Association (NEA)

National Educators Association is an educational institution that has its own board on Pinterest where it caters to the need of teachers are seeking ideas for their classroom boards that catch the eye of the pupils at an instant. This educational board is the best for those teachers who have just taken a step in the teaching career, however, they can prove to be helpful for experienced teachers as well.

It includes tips and tricks for guidance in teaching for level ranging from pre-school to 8th grade, hence, it’s a varied board full of interesting ideas, such as how to make children learn about racism, feminism, and the different communities that exist in societies today, along with other similar topics which are usually very difficult to teach as they’re considered controversial.

In the heart of California's farmlands, students tend a school garden and cook healthy dishes while their principal considers the future of her home region. #students #schoolgarden #teaching #education #teachers #community #cooking


5.     Pinterest Educators.

This is Pinterest’s one of its own list of educators that has been very carefully compiled to provide the users with the finest and most experienced teachers. Some of these are:

  • Birdenfazla
  • Karine Knopf
  • Teacherspayteachers
  • Amy Brown
  • Laura Candler
  • Jennifer Silcott
Read Around the World | One World, Many Stories theme for th… | Flickr

6.     Charity Preston

Operating the organized classroom, Charity Preston has over 95 boards and 23,100 pins. Providing ideas about what students can make in their Science and Art projects, teaching kids how to make cards for their parents and friends, activities that can be practiced on special holidays like before Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.

Her board is full of ideas that many people make use of and then send their own version of it which are then posted on her account as well. It’s very rare that someone visits her board and not find something useful.  Other than having a Pinterest board, Charity Preston has even launched educational websites specifically to provide teachers with materials and engaging content for the students.

Alcohol awareness resident advisor / resident assistant / RA bulletin board. It includes some helpful tips & resources. Along with some unwanted consequences
Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas to give your Classroom a Spooky Look

7.     Bonnie Kathryn Kinders and Beyond.

Bonnie Kathryn’s Pinterest board is mainly targeted at students ranging from preschool to second grade, hence, a very young crowd. Having thousands of pins on every subject, you will definitely find what you’re in search of, in her educational board.

Ranging from worksheets with solutions, samples of assignments, ideas for group projects, motivational quotes to put up in the classroom, and class décor, everything is available on her board. Moreover, Bonnie does an excellent job of finding other teachers that do her kind of work and take inspiration from them to create better content.

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My Classroom Reveal--finally!


Pinterest is the ultimate platform to find the most innovative education boards and pinners, with thousands of ideas brought together in one place, there’s no need to spend hours searching how to indulge students in activities they may like, just search the education boards mentioned above. Author Bio: Bailey Pratt is a content writer working at Master Essay Writer for the past 3 years. She graduated from the University of Minnesota and started her career right after graduation. She’s a traveling enthusiast and loves to bake at home.


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