There is no real secret to having a healthy, green lawn. You just need to understand a few principles about lawn care. The four principles you need to know are feeding, mowing, watering, and lawn aeration. Once you understand those lawn care principles, you’ll have a great lawn

We’re going to talk about Lawn Maintenance Company right now.

Why you should Aerate Your lawn and what is it? Lawn Aeration is like an Acupuncture for the grass.

The Soil that has the breathing room are more better to able to absorb the Water, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and also other nutrients from fertilizer. The Soil that feels hard packed or the trampled down that does not have a much room, if Any, for the nutrients that reach down dircetly to the grass roots.

Lawn aeration makes the soil the best home for earthworms, which are the best things to keep your lawn green and healthy.

You should do lawn aeration twice a year. The best way is also the most expensive way. There is a special lawn aeration machine called a core aerifier, which pulls up thin plugs of soil and scatters them across the lawn.

You don’t have to buy a lawn aeration machine, as most hardware stores have one to rent. The machine is a real arm jerker though. Be prepared!

When you do the lawn aeration with a powered aerator, run the aerator in rows just like you would with the lawn mower.

There are two kinds of aerator models, hollow tine and open tine. The hollow tine lawn aerator pulls out tiny cores of soil and grass and drops them on the lawn. The open tine lawn aerator scoops out soil and grass leaving tiny, empty holds in the surface of the lawn.

Whichever powered aerator you choose for lawn aeration, don’t pick up the soil plugs. They should be left on the lawn to decompose. This will help feed the lawn from top to bottom. The soil plugs will break down in a week or two.

The way I like to do lawn aeration is to wear lawn Aeration sandals or golf shoes. I bought a pair of lawn aeration sandals that hook over your tennis shoes. They were really inexpensive. I strap them on and walk around the lawn.

The long spikes go into the soil as I walk. It’s a little hard to pull your foot up sometimes and you might feel crazy, but it’s actually somewhat fun. Do this type of aeration after a good rain or watering the lawn. It will be easier to walk in the aerating sandals.

Another way to aerate the lawn is to wear your golf shoes. When you walk around the yard with the golf shoes on, the spikes on the bottom of the shoe penetrate the soil making little holes. This will be enough to get extra nutrients into the soil.

Make sure you walk all over every inch of your lawn to do the best lawn aeration. Now air and water will have an easier time reaching the roots of your grass. There is also a lawn aeration tonic you can put on your lawn after aerating. This will help prevent the soil from becoming compacted.


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