Mojang Minecraft is a game developed by Sand Box Video Gaming company which is based in Sweden. The Swedish game developer Markus Persson developed this game in the year 2011 but later sold it to Microsoft Inc. in the year 2014. After that Microsoft Inc. is only taking care of this game and is constantly upgrading and updating the game. Mojang Minecraft is available in two player mode that is Single-Player mode and Multiplayer mode. The company recently launched the new version 1.15.2 and it is easily available on web. This is a free game and can be downloaded for free. In this game you called create a 3D world of your own choice and can make the changes in your created world accordingly. The game was created in JAVAversion. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The game also has some amazing modes like Survival Mode, Creative Mode, Adventure Mode and Spectator Mode. In this game you can easily create a 3D World by using your imaginative powers. Also you can change everything according to your need. The company also planning to release newer versions in the coming years, where more and more players can join and play the game. You can download this game for your PC, your MacBook and your Linux based PC as well. Now we will discuss about some unknown but fun facts about Mojang Minecraft. Some of the facts are as follows:

  1. Usually games take many years to be available to play and to be downloadable for users but Mojang Minecraft’s first version was created in just six days.
  2. The initial name of the game was “Cave Game” it was later changed to Minecraft: Order of the Stone and then finally only Minecraft.
  3. Minecraft is inspired by several other games like Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper etc.
  4. The Enderman’s language in the game is nothing but the reversed form of English language.
  5. The Ghasts sound in the game are made by a Sleeping Cat.
  6. In schools in Sweden Minecraft game is the part of curriculum for the kids.
  7. The game is so popular because of its free marketing strategies.
  8. Markus Persson was fed up with running the game so in 2014 he tweeted to bid the Minecraft Game and from there Microsoft purchased the game.
  9. Every once in a while, the game gets its own name wrong.

These were some of the very interesting and unknown facts about Minecraft. Now we will discuss about how to recover Minecraft account using the Minecraft Account Recovery option. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. You can check the receipt that you received when you downloaded or purchased Mojang Minecraft Game.
  2. If the above did not work you can simply contact the Mojang Minecraft Customer Service. They will help you out in recovering your Mojang Minecraft Account.

The other things that you can try are Forgot Password or Mojang Minecraft Account Recovery.  You can also contact the Mojang Customer Service Number for further. Here you can get the solutions to the problems related to your Mojang Minecraft account recovery, forgot password, forgot email, change password, reset password etc. You can also contact the Mojang Minecraft Customer Support 24/7. You can also seek Mojang Minecraft support from their official website. And for more queries related to Mojang Minecraft.