You do not need to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to keep away from your lover, and for a tropical island or romantic weekend getaway at an all-inclusive resort for two.

The February trek is to withstand the post-holiday tremors and get out of winter. And, yes, lots and lots of envy-inducing Instagram photos and some basking in the sun at a tropical resort. Spend your precious time with your loved ones and enjoy the moment of life.

February is often one of the cheapest months to travel, with airfare below the average price on a reservations with Cheap American Airlines flights. visit one of the hottest tourist destinations across the world. This means that you can be your partner without breaking the bank, and always be a plus in our book.

Want to travel for one of the most passionate holidays in the world? Check out our pics for the seven most romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day 2020.

Highlighting The Most Romantic Getaways For Valentine’s Day

1. Savannah, Georgia, USA

Saavn has amazing architecture and rich history as well as global sophistication, funky nightlife, and scrumptious food. And, don’t forget about the supposedly famous Southern hospitality. There are some beautiful old Havelis here which have been converted into boutique hotels and romantic bed and breakfasts. In addition, you can enjoy evening walks on the lush, ivy and moss roads. February is the best time to travel to Savannah, Georgia to beat the crowd.

2. St. Lucia, Caribbean

St. Lucia is one of the most picturesque island destinations across the world. In other words, it is one of the most romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day. It is the perfect place for a luxury holiday to lose all the time and has recently earned the top spot in the Caribbean. And now a very convenient way to reach here? Get the best deals and offers on flight booking with Delta Airlines Reservations along with the best services assistance. Here every wish you get is fulfilled and you will find the cheapest airfare also.

3. Mykonos, Greece

Throughout the Cyclades, the Mykonos is well known as “gay party islands”, so couples who have the same gender can visit here in  Valentine’s-Day. It offers stunning Byzantine architecture and a small seaside area known as “Little Venice”. White buildings and colorful flowers are on every street, making it super spectacular. Most nightclubs and restaurants remain closed until the beginning of May, meaning you have nothing to do but enjoy secluded beaches and evenings alone with your mates, don’t worry if you’re here for Valentine’s Day 2020 Do … you don’t worry … find lots of things to do alone.

4. Tulum, Mexico

On this Valentine’s Day head to Tulum, for an affordable couple vacation on the beach. The excellent snorkeling and ancient ruins are just a small part of the wonder and magic you can experience in this Mexican city. The rustic beach cabins are also the most beautiful in the region and pay off elsewhere in Mexico. Above all, the warm weather and cheap drinks ensure that you will be able to get drinks of bae sipping throughout the day and a good winter tan.

5. Papeete, Tahiti

Really looking to wow your partner on this Valentine’s Day? Take advantage of winter deals and book flights to Tahiti. No, the tickets discussed may be cheaper per segment, but they will be the cheapest ever. According to Google Travel Trends, Pape-ete is the most popular winter travel destination for American travelers this year. Likewise, tickets from the French Polynesia capital are the cheapest from January to May. Natural rock pools, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and lush green landscapes await you on this delightful paradise island. As a result, it is a romantic place.

6. Budapest, Hungary

Cheapest European romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day 2020? Budapest! From unique backpacker vibes to cheap romantic dinner cruises along the banks of the Danube River, Budapest has something for everyone. Start the evening by visiting one of the local ruins bars and enjoy a cheap drink. Then, you can wander through the streets to board your dinner cruise. There, you will be able to enjoy delicious Hungarian wines and stunning city lights as you mingle with your loved one and celebrate their relationship in style.

7. Napa Valley, California, USA

Position yourself in a luxury lodge and wander the countryside to the Napa Valley to spend your days, one of the most romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day 2020. In Napa, you will find world-famous wineries, spacious tasting rooms, and beautiful hotels. Silverado Trail. All in all, probably too many to search here. Therefore, remember to be sure to have a tasty gourmet that tantalize more than your tastebuds.

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