Invisalign is a type of braces using clear tray aligners. These are specifically made up of plastic featuring with unique specifications that fit perfect to your set of teeth. Being utilised the plastic material it is enough for exerting gentle pressure on the bended teeth to shift them to their own position.

Dentist consultation is a must for receiving the Invisalign aligners. After complete assessment of your overall teeth, mouth impression is being taken in a mould for manufacturing custom-made aligners. The whole treatment plan will be created so that you can obtain the result within shortest time possible.

It is comprised of series of aligner trays which must be changed at an interval of 2-week. Each one will be different from one another as they will continue to shift the teeth’s position. Furthermore, it should be worn for long 22 hours and will be removed at the time of flossing.

Brushing and eating. Regardless of designed by solid plastic material, these are not retainers but only Invisalign aligners. It is so; it possesses an active role in reshaping your jaw and mouth Retainers are designed to hold the teeth to its specific place only.

While you are about to receive Invisalign in London go through this post to have an idea on its price and how much you have to spend.    

Cost of the Invisalign

Several aspects are there contributing the amount of money you have to pay for your orthodontic work especially Invisalign. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The amount you will receive as compensation as insurance coverage
  • The time of the dentist to perform the treatment
  • Its average cost along with the location
  • Additional oral care needs required by you

The invisalign is quite expensive and can cost you more. But with the insurance coverage you can reduce its cost to some extent only. On the other hand; traditional metal bracket braces are relatively affordable.

Apart from basic prices, expense of all these orthodontic solutions is depended on the individual case of the patients as well. Overbite or highly crooked teeth need more time for fixing the issue despite its traditional braces or Invisalign. 

Invisalign Pros and Cons


  • It shifts the teeth more gradually than traditional braces resulting in less discomfort
  • Due to the optimal visibility, it is not obvious during smiling
  • No need to visit the dentist more often
  • It can offer the desirable result faster than traditional braces
  • Easy removal procedure during eating and brushing


  • It can be expensive
  • It may result in achiness and mouth discomfort
  • It can break or lose influencing the investment of more time and money on the treatment

Tricks to save money on Invisalign

Orthodontics is referred to as the pure aesthetic treatment to obtain an attractive smile. Though it is not a job of single hand, as clean teeth is also necessary to eradicate the development of periodontal disease and decay. Furthermore, if you are not enough confident, it can decline the quality of life in varied professional and social situations.

A number of other programs and strategies are there for declining the expense of any orthodontic solution. To look for the efficient ways for saving money on Invisalign, look at the below options and consider any one of them. 

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

FSA enables a specific pre-tax amount of money to deduct from the income and will be incurred for healthcare costs. It is only available if the employer offers the options. Several employees have been benefitted from the FSA package inclusion. All you have to use the debit card joined with the account details. As it doesn’t roll in the next year, you are advised to use it up entirely.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

HSA is the pre-taxation procedure of the pounds from the salary to spend as the healthcare expense. 2 differences within the employer-sponsored HSA and FSA are: HSA funds can get rolled up in the next year and HSA is applicable for high-deductible insurance plan.

Payment plans and no-interest credit card

Several dentists offer monthly payment plan to cut off the bear to pay the entire treatment amount all at once. We also perform the estimation of the orthodontic procedure you want to perform and offer 0% finance on all our treatment options. Even with the help of the credit card you can enjoy this benefit.

All you have to pay is to pay off amount of the Invisalign cost in London that you have done. You can look at our every payment plan for selecting any as per your convenience. However, you should be aware of the deferred interest rate while using credit card for making payments.

It will start cutting a specific interest rate once you exceed the time period to make the full payment. Hence, you should be cautious while selecting credit card to make the payment. 

Invisalign alternatives

Though Invisalign is widely preferred and popular choice of transparent aligner braces, yet certain alternatives are also there mentioned below:

Lingual Braces

If you are highly concerned with the appearances then, you can talk with the dentist regarding the option of lingual braces. It is installed at the behind of the teeth and cannot get noticed easily. Still, it is made up of ceramic, clear or metal brackets but quite reasonable in comparison to Invisalign. 

The expense of it may be higher but with insurance coverage it can be beneficial for you! The time of its treatment is similar to that of the Invisalign, however; its expense and time period also vary on the severity of the complexity. Before going with any of the orthodontic solution, you are suggested to discuss with your orthodontist to get the most suitable option for restoring your smile.                                             

Smile Direct Club

It is last but not the least option for restoring your lost smile. Several locations are there where you can find dental offices to obtain the home impression kits. All you have to do is to make a mould of your dental impressions and send it to the Smile Direct Club. They will send you the customised aligners that fit perfectly.

As it may be expensive for you, monthly payment plan facility is also there to make the payment.  But amongst all, it is the most affordable option for the people who are afraid of any orthodontic solution and visiting dental offices. Though it is not a professional treatment you can review the result by any dental professional.  

Questions to ask before inclining towards aligners or braces

  • Does the company pay the charge of additional aligners in case you aren’t satisfied with the results?
  • Does the company pay the charge of retainer post-treatment?
  • Which option is better for your type of case?
  • Does your insurance covers multiple treatments?

Make your investment worth by wearing the aligners for the prescribed time period. You should also maintain proper dental health by practising good oral hygiene during the treatment period. Retainer must be worn for allowing the teeth to hold the new positions firmly. London Braces is an ideal destination for performing any orthodontic treatment at attractive price deals. Besides, orthodontics other dental works are also performed here with great care.

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