Being a dentist it is very crucial for you to expand your business in your own locality. Now in the era of technologies and smart devices, there are a wide number of opportunities open for you to endorse and promote your business. Remember only effective promotions help you get an adequate number of responses which will generate the ROI, ratings, and reviews for your business.

Even you have to consider the festive season as well to offer some exciting offers and discounts on expensive services. Top 19 dental marketing ideas are compiled here by leading dental marketing agency for your reference. Read on to know them. 

  1. Local Events

As a local business owner, sponsor any kids’ events or any recreational activities by offering the shirt or t-shirt emblazoned with your business’ logo. This will not only endorse your business but also by offering the kids with cute toothbrushes you can show the significance of dental health.

Even you can plan the idea of gifting them with wonderful postcards. It has been quite effective as most of the parents become aware of their kids’ oral health which will result in visiting you for regular dental checkups.

  • Local Awareness Facebook Ads

While you are planning for effective business promotion and endorsement, it is extremely important for you to be specific in terms of the area. Obviously it’s not possible for you to serve the people who are living 50-mile from your business center. Hence, there is no relevance to endorse your business there. In this case, Local Awareness Facebook Ads are highly efficient!

It will guide you the way by which you can reach to almost every local audience and let them about your service. Even you can make use of the fresh map card to share the crucial pieces of information about your dental business.

It includes opening hours, full address, contact details, and distance from the person’s location to your clinic. Make sure to put a CTA so that they can easily prompt for a dental appointment.  

  • Direct Mail

Those are not gone the days to stuff the mailboxes with postcard advertisements. Direct mail is still workable during some special occasions including baby boomers to show your quality dental services at a competitive price. It will offer you a great return on investment!

  • Click to Call Ads

The prime motto of dental marketing or advertising is to convince the patients to schedule an appointment. In this way, the business will continue to expand! Basically, appointments are fixed by dialing the booking number of the office.

Nowadays, both Google (previously known as Google AdWords) and Facebook Ads facilitate click-to-call ads that are easily accessible on a tablet, laptop, desktop, and mobile. Moreover, you are allowed to add this extension to your existing ads or to develop call-only campaigns at the same time. 

  • Video Advertising

According to recent reports, the cooperation of the video marketing healthcare industry has expanded a lot. So, you must follow this trend too! While performing the dental practice at your own clinic on your real patients, make videos of them.

Later, you must post this on your channel to show your personal connection with the business prospects. This will lead the viewers to trust you which results in more appointments, recommendations, and referrals. 

  • Mobile Call-Only Ads

As per Google, these days, maximum numbers of health-associated searches are done on smartphones. So, you must consider this significant aspect and develop unique ads that are mobile-friendly. Before posting them make sure your mobile-accessible ad is coupled with call-only campaigns via Google Ads. 

  • Referral Bonuses

According to the reports of dental marketing in London, a number of people rely on the recommendations and referrals they obtain from relatives, friends, and neighbors. You must encourage those recommendations and can impose referral bonuses. Referral bonuses must be a great discount on all your dental services.

 This will definitely work to expand the business by expressing your gratitude for the referrals who have fixed an appointment with you. Try to make the process much easier by offering them a small referral card at the time of leaving your clinic. The remainder can be sent too on their respective email ID at the same time.

  • Facebook Demographic Targeting

An endless number of demographic targeting can be found on Facebook which can be used by you to obtain its benefit for your business. Excluding the most obvious factors, try to reach your targeted potential customers in terms of interests, employment income, relationship status, and language.

Recent research clearly states that most women consider buying dental options. So, ensure that you are on the top of the crowd with the help of ads to target local women easily.  

  • Email Marketing

Now the days have come when the patients can contact the dental office directly to schedule the appointment via email. The receptionist will be there to respond to you within the shortest time possible. Then the appointments will be fixed according to your convenient time and date. Accordingly, the reminder email will be also sent to you for the probable next appointment. Hence, they make things as much simpler as you can!

  Appointment Reminders

Be it in the form of a phone call or postcard, appointment reminders are extremely important to show the utmost care to your patients. Also, they will come to know about the date of their next appointment as well. You must start streamlining this process with the help of Google Calendar alerts.

Once they nod the appointment date, you must send the reminder of appointment confirmation featuring the necessary details via email. This procedure can be used for reminding the patients about an annual dental check-up simultaneously.

  1.  Instagram

With the flourishing days of Social Media and Smartphone, Instagram has made its own way to help the business to grow! Regardless, your field of specialization, you can upload videos suggesting tips and tricks to improve dental health. Even images can be shared perfectly stating the dental condition of a patient before and after undergoing your treatment.

You can let your followers know about discounts and exciting offers they can get by visiting you as well. Remember, a regular update is essential to poke the followers about your quality dental services. This will surely convince them about your service and some of them will visit you too.

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  1.  Google Ads Income Targeting

It is true that everyone should take proper care of their oral health and maintain good hygiene too. People must visit the dentist at least once or twice a year which they often neglected.

But with the help of Google Ads, you can target various demographics on the basis of the average income of the people of your locality.  Accordingly, you can develop an ad by using your exclusive and simple dental services.

  1.  Yelp

Alike personal recommendations, a high percentage of people rely on online reviews too. As many patients who have taken your dental solution put the online reviews on your website, some people will surely check it for their accuracy too. Yelp is the very first choice of millennials to hunt for a reliable local dentist. Therefore, you have to ensure that you have a good number of potential patients.  

  1.  Remarketing Ads

Also known as “Easy Money”, remarketing is really helpful for you. You can use it to reach the people who have accessed your practice or website with the help of specific ads to re-capture them.

If you have collected many email addresses, these can be used for leverage with the help of Customer Match on Facebook and Google! For this you have to upload your official email addresses to develop an enticing ad that will convince you, patients, to visit your clinic again. It can be an appointment reminder too.

  1.  ZocDoc

Most people don’t prefer talking with dentists over the phone. ZocDoc is a specific mobile app helping dental patients to find the right dentists on the basis of availability, location, insurance, and area of specialization. Even an online booking facility is offered to the patients for every result. It has already covered major cities including some smaller towns too. 

  1.  New! Facebook Messaging Ad Type

Recently Facebook comes with a new ad feature utilizing Messenger for communication. With this feature, advertisers will use the “Send Message” as the CTA that will enable the user to send messages directly via Messenger. As a result, you will be able to converse more regarding your services with the patients.


  1.  Emergency Keywords

Often it has been observed that with the use of “urgent” and “emergency” as the search interest, the decision of choice becomes critical. Maybe the top results are with no CTAs due to which people switch to the lower ones with the next highest ratings CTA and Google map location.

At that time, it may be observed that anyone doesn’t answer the call.  But it can be anyone who will call the patient back for confirmation of an appointment. So, you must bid on these search strings as you can easily find some patients with urgent and immediate requirements.

It will give you a profitable ROI for those keywords at the same time. Only easy contacting facility will ensure you to get good reviews and ratings on Google simultaneously.   

  1.  Google Maps Ads

An ad equipping with the Google maps location is literally helpful in expanding your business. Most of the people remain confused with the exact location of the dental clinic which is why they decline the idea of visiting there. But now by using the Google maps posted by you, they can easily find your location.

Even if they enter ‘dentist’ of the search bar they can find you. Interestingly, the map is easily accessible on mobile too along with dialling CTA and direction tracker. 


  1.  Waze Ads

Apart from Google Maps, even Waze can be used directly for advertising.  As it is a community-based application, advertising is quite different than that of the others. It will let your local customers view the “digital billboard” on the search results and on the map. It will save the location for future use or guide you to reach the specific dental clinic. From the above discussion, it is clear that only effective, as well as reliable dental marketing, helps you to flourish your business in your locality. If you don’t spare enough time or can’t help yourself, then DubSEO is there. It is the leading SEO company in London with expertise in handling all sorts of SEO issues and online marketing solutions.