LumiCharge ll

Working in low-light conditions can be frustrating that’s why you need Lu meters to a stylish desk lamp built-in here to workflow. It counted an LED lighting system that can produce three different hues with ten levels of brightness so that you can easily adjust brightness to fulfill your needs. It also has a motion sensor light which keeps you safe from obstacles at night. It features a smart LED display that shows time date temperature and many more it also has a built-in alarm clock so that you can stay ready for the next meeting. It has a Qi enabled 10 watt fast wireless charger and comes with a universal phone charging station to charge your smart phone while you are working the Louie charge tool can be a great source of brightness and features for your desk.


Printing is one of the most difficult tasks on any office desk but now you can do that easily with printcube a compact and portable printer for your desk. It comes in three colored thermal inkjet technology that allows you to put anything in which viewed colors you can connect it to the print cube app via Wi-Fi and access design or customized printing according to your name. With print cube you can easily print on uneven surfaces and enjoy excellent quality printing wherever you want. You can even print a temporary tattoo with this device. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to run for 6 hours straight on a single charge and mount it a USB type-c port for convenient charge frank cube lets you carry a fully functional printer on your pocket.


Head and neck pain for an appropriate height is a common problem but now you can solve this problem with Maxtand a unique destined for your desk. It counted three pivot points that can be adjusted into eighteen different configurations and raise your laptop up to 15 inches. So that you can always have the perfect height well working made of high-performance error grid aluminum this thing is built like a tank and can hold more than 88 pounds of weight easily. It’s unique lamp design allows you to securely attach it on your desk and operate your laptop without any worry. You can also get max 10 simple monitor stand to set your monitor at the right height. If you are looking to buy the perfect death stand for your desk the Maxtand is the right choice for you.

Dell USB-c mobile adapter DA 300

Elevate your productivity with the daily Usb-C mobile adapter a feature-packed adapter that lets you bring seamless Beauty on your desk. This Usb-C adapter counted a built-in cable management and offers a reliable connection with enhanced signal integrity. It features an Ethernet port DP VGA a USB type-c and a USB 3.0 port the place to connect multiple devices easily and achieve a seamless look. You can also do fast data transfer between devices we did see SBC and USB 3.0 ports to enhance your workflow remove all unnecessary cable and platter from your desk with the daily use we see mobile adapter.

IQAir Atem Personal Air Purifier

It’s really important to ensure a healthy breeding environment at our workspace as my unit IQ Air Atem in personal air purifier it counted IQ airs hyper HEPA filtration technology that filters air down to the 0.02 micro level smaller than most viruses to ensure healthy breathing environment equipped with pure jet diffuser. It can start purifying air immediately to feel a personal breathing zone for optimal comfort it has built in Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to control it from smartphone app and always have a held available environment. If you are looking to buy a portable air purifier for your auric station then you can definitely go for the IQ air agent personal air purifier.

Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

A workstation with convenience with Lenovo smart clock a feature-packed clock that enhances your workflow on your desk. This clock has built-in Google assistant that allows you to complete multiple tasks with just a whisk meant. It features a full range IPS display that shows your time weather and many useful information so that you can always get prepared equipped with a six watt speaker with dual passive radiator. This device lets you enjoy music with puncher bass and clarity it counted both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing and wireless interaction. If you are looking to buy a smart clock for your desk then the Lenovo smart clock with Google assistant is a right choice for you.

Espresso Displays

Boost up your productivity on your disk with espresso display the world’s thinnest portable display that is designed to make your work efficient. This display comes in both 13 inches and 15.6 in this version quit thousand ADP touch display that allows you to view your work in rich vivid colors with accuracy made of arrow grade aluminum. This display has a glass front panel and weighs around Sistani grams to offer excellent portability. It comes with both USB type-c and an HDMI port that allows you to use it as a secondary display in order to enhance your multitasking. If you are looking for it can be in a multi tasking solution on your office desk then the espresso display is a perfect choice for you.

ZeroLemon 135 w Extreme Charge Station

Looking for a powerful charge station that can go with your workstation then you need zerolemon 135 watt extreme charge station a powerful charge station that ensures all four devices stay charged up. This charging station lets you charge six devices simultaneously wait is to use the time CPD ports two USB ports and two wireless chargers with its 171 million we type CP deport 50 watt ESB a 10 watt wireless charger and 3 watt magnetic Apple watch charger. Now you can easily watch online movies on MovieHustle on your smartphone. This charge station can provide a massive 135 watt of amp it features a smart dual fan cooling system that prevents the charger from overheating and over charge and this charge station is also certified to ensure safety for you and your devices. If you use a lot of gadgets on your desk then the zerolemon won’t on fire what extreme charge station is the perfect choice.

Shine Ultra Scanner

Boost up your productively ends make your work efficient with the shine ultra a powerful and portable scanner built-in in server flow this scanner can produce 13-megapixel highway scans at 24 dpi and provides you crystal clear scan equality. It counted video recording functionality which allows you to cook video while your skin. This really comes in handy for efficient presentations or for teacher and this counter features optical character recognition and supports over 180 languages which enables you to transfer scanned pages into editable files quickly equipped with car flattened technology. It automatically removes curvature and saves you the time consumed awkwardness of planning pages by hand weighing at only 2 pounds. This scanner is super lightweight and portable which allows you to easily use it on your desk. The shrine ultra scanner is a great thing to have on your desk to enhance your workflow.

Stealtho Office Hub Desk Organiser

Most of us struggle to keep our office desk organized because of immense workload that’s why you need Stelter office hub a unique disc organizer that brings a seamless look on your desk and allows you to boost up your creativity the stealtho the hub packs 12 features in one compact body including a pen throne posted business cards and copy holder a riding board headphone and sticky note stand coaster cactus pot and many more to make your workstation nice and tidy. It features achieve fast wireless charger that can provide 5 watt 7.5 watt and 10 watt of output which makes it compatible with a wide range of Apple Samsung Nokia and other devices it also has a type c6 2 watt PD charging port for your MacBook air or pro or any other laptop to increase your productivity. It has built-in USB hub including 4k HDMI micro SD 3 USB 3.0 Thunderbolt 3 40 gigabits per second type C and 3.5 millimeter headphone mini jack. Its built-in air ionizer lets to fill your workspace with negative ions so that you don’t feel nauseated or have headaches from the pressure of your workload. It comes with a magnetic pad made from TPU that allows you to put it anywhere in your discs and lets you transform your discs conveniently. if you are tired of your unorganized s and unnecessary clutter then you should definitely get to steal the office hub for your desk.

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