One of the most preferred treks in the region of the state of Sikkim, Goechala is not just a trek but a treat for a wanderer’s soul. The trek which stands at an elevation of 16,027 feet, covers 90 km and can be done in 10 to 12 days. The starting point of the trek is through Yuksom. The trek goes through grasslands, farmlands, snow-capped trails, lush green mountains, wild colorful flowers and a massive variety of fauna.

Quick facts about the Goechala trek-

Region:- Sikkim

Days:- 10-12 Days (depends how fast you can walk)

Grade:- Moderate To Difficult (for first-timers) and Easy to Moderate (for prior experienced trekkers)

Elevation :- 16,027 Ft. (4940 m)

Trekking in Km:- Approx 90 Kms.

Best time to visit- summer season (April to June) and Post Monsoon (Mid September to Early November)

About the trail

A popular destination in the state of Sikkim, the Goechala trek is a sight to behold. It is a must-do. Here are some of the points that make the trek worth the visit.

  1. The trek starts from a small but fabulous town called Yuksom, which happens to be the prominent spot of the state of Sikkim.
  2. You will get to witness the beauty of very fascinating Mount Kanchanjunga.
  3. The picturesque scenery and soothing environment will fill your soul with wonder.

How To Reach

The base point of the Goechala trek is Yuksom town.

By Air- The nearest airport you will find is- Bagdogra, which is well connected with Delhi as well as other major cities of India. You will easily get transportation to reach Yuksom.

By Train- New Jalpaiguri Station is the nearest railway station connected with all the other major railway stations of the country. The base point (Yuksom) is 150 km away from this railway station.

Trek highlights-

  • Yuksom town- A tiny enchanting town on the way up to Goechala trek, which also happens to be the base point of the trek
  • Kanchenjunga- A fuel to the soul
  • Dzongri top- You will regret it if you miss it
  • Rathong
  • Koktang
  • A chance to explore the rich culture and traditions of the state of Sikkim

Best Time To Trek

The perfect time that is considered for the Goechala trek is from April to June and September to October. In other months of the year, climatic conditions do not remain suitable for trekking.

Preparation for the Best Experience

Being physically and medically prepared for any trek is a good thing. It plays a major role in the journey. Goechala trek can be done by anyone. But the only condition is you need to exercise daily. If you can walk 8 to 10 km daily, you can do this trek without any difficulty.

To save yourself from mountain sickness and anxiety, better you do some cardio for muscle training, yoga and pranayamas to deal with stress.

Things you will need during this entire trek-

  1. Thermal Innerwear, hiking pants, and jacket (flee jacket, down jacket- 1-1 each)
  2. Woolen Socks and gloves- 2-3 pair each
  3. Umbrella and raincoat
  4. Trekking Shoes-water-resistant and light weighed
  5. First aid kit including pain reliever and water purification tablets
  6. Thermal Flask
  7. Water Bottles and eatery supplements
  8. Sunscreen, lip balm, lotion
  9. Camera
  10. Torch head/flashlight- With Extra Batteries
  11. Paper Map – might help you in moments of misery
  12. Cloth or Paper Bag for garbage collection- do not throw waste material here and there
  13. Trekking Gears like a sleeping bag and tent
  14. Cash- as you won’t get any ATM nearby


  1. Respect the local traditions and culture. Do not make fun of them. And do not mess with the local people. It might ruin your whole trip.
  2. Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited. If you are found doing any of these two, you will be fined.
  3. Follow your team leader’s instructions if you are traveling in a group. Don’t wander off on your own. You might lose your way or fall into some difficulty.
  4. If you’re traveling solo, beactive all the time. And whenever you get a phone signal, call your family and inform your whereabouts.
  5. Harm no animals and plants during the entire trip
  6. Don’t mess with other trekkers. Let them do their job.
  7. Don’t play loud music. Most of the people go there to find peace. So give them their moment, instead of showing them your party-animal side
  8. Carry all the essential items like tickets, permits, first aid kit, etc.

Carry minimum but useful luggage

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