Who doesn’t want a perfect honeymoon? It’s that sweet period that allows you to beautifully transition as a married couple and picking an exotic place that caters to all your needs could be the most important part of the plan. Vietnam has a reputation for being every backpacker’s paradise but it is also one of the most underrated honeymoon destinations in the world. With its stunning landscapes drastically change as you move from one place to another, every place you visit is an absolute delight and you will truly feel the love in the air. The best part about Vietnam is that it doesn’t matter if your partner and you are looking for completely different experiences to be a part of your honeymoon, Vietnam offers it all to you. Right from Chasing clouds to climbing mountains to chilling on a beach doing nothing, you name it and you can find it here.

Here’s a list of 10 things that you could do to spice up that romance on your honeymoon to Vietnam:

1.Spend a night on a cruise ship over Halong Bay

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Experience one of the most stunning landscapes in the world by spending a night on a cruise that sails over the most renowned UNESCO world heritage site, the Halong Bay. With its Limestone towers, hidden caves, serene beaches and cast away fishing villages, you will be transported into a whole different world. Watching the sunset over emerald green waters can be one of the most serene things you will ever witness. This group of 1600 islands and islets are truly one of the world’s wonders and cruising here as a couple is going to ignite all the sparks.

2.  Have your honeymoon photoshoot at Moc Chau Plateau

Located 200 km away from Hanoi, this evergreen town might just be your favorite spot in the country. With its pink cherry blossoms in winter, stretches of sunflower fields, and most importantly the lush green heart-shaped tea plantation on top of a hill, this might be the perfect place to schedule your honeymoon photoshoot.

3. Enjoy a romantic picnic in Da Lat

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This colorful valley is all about that picture-perfect romantic setting. Cozy up with your partner in the valley of love while admiring the charming Vong Canh hill, spending some quality time on the bridge of love which has hundreds of red lanterns lit up at night setting the mood right for you and your partner or set up that dreamy little picnic in one of its tucked away gardens. Every minute spent on this beautiful valley is going to be as memorable as ever.

4. Go Snorkelling in Con Dao

Awaken the adventure junkie in you by exploring one of the world’s most mysterious islands with its unspoiled beaches and thriving marine life. The water here is extremely clear making it one of the best spots for snorkeling or scuba diving and you also get to encounter stingrays and turtles while you’re at it. It’s truly magical to take it to the waters and be adventurous or you could also bask in the sun and call it a day.

5. Experience the healing waters of Binh Chau

You can either choose to swim in the warm water pool or opt for a bud bath while you’re on this escapade. It truly cuts you off from the world with its rejuvenating and relaxing warm waters that are enriched with minerals known to relax muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Located amongst the mountains of southeast Vietnam, this is a wonderful place to turn off your phones and get lost in nature and all its healing wonders.

6. Enjoy a lantern-lit dinner in Hoi An

Photo by Thanh Soledas on Unsplash

This ancient city with its rich cultural heritage and eclectic elements is nothing but dreamy. It’s a wonderful place to explore the cobbled streets late in the evening. The brightly lit lanterns that line up the entire street set the perfect mood for you to enjoy a sumptuous meal with your loved one or you could also choose to take a boat ride on the lake as you light your lantern and release it if you happen to be here on a full moon lantern festival which signifies prosperity and abundant joy in your marriage.

7. Kitesurf in Mui Nei

Photo by Anton Shuvalov on Unsplash

Ever wondered what a desert by the beach would look like? Head over to Mui Nei and you’re in for a treat. This astonishing landscape is nothing but surreal with its white dunes and spectacular sunsets. You could spark up that romance by hitting the beach to kitesurf, scuba dive, or go canoeing to discover the lovely lotus flowers bloom in Bau Trang.

8.  Walk hand in hand on the Anh Sao Bridge

Have a picture-perfect moment with your partner on the beautiful Starlight bridge, also known as Anh Sao Bridge. It has VIBGYOR LEDs lighting up the floor of the water jet system making it a true spectacle especially on the weekends because of the light shows. It’s always nice to have a cute Korean movie bridge moment, isn’t it?

9. Take up a couple of cooking class in Ho Chi Minh City

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

An awesome way to spend quality time together is by taking up a private cooking class in HCMC. After you’ve explored the city, this could be a very different and unique experience to go shopping for local produce and learning how to cook authentic Vietnamese dishes as a couple. Pick your favorite dish and master it with the help of a local guide.

10. Take a dip in Suoi Tranh Waterfall

Phu Quoc is one of the most laid back places in the entire country. With its surprisingly clean beaches, National forest, a ton of fun activities like the words second-fastest cable car ride, it is also home to some of the best resorts in the country. If you’re looking to have that perfect moment in nature as a couple, head out to the Suioi Tranh waterfall which is perfectly placed right in the middle of the forest with caves and rock pools surrounding it making it one of the best spots to unwind and relax.

As fascinating as all of this may sound, it is important to understand the logistics and book the right things because your honeymoon is the one thing you definitely don’t want to mess up. Getting married is huge and having a hassle-free honeymoon is perhaps the only thing that every newlywed couple needs. There are many trusted travel companies such as Pickyourtrail that have mastered the art of curating the perfect honeymoon for you. Do check out their website for Vietnam Honeymoon Packages and get customizing!

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